Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for my House for 2011

I'm trying my first "linky" up thing with the Nester. "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" is her motto. Her link up is: "House Goals 2011" These are goals for her house/home projects for 2011. I like making goals, like any successful sales woman. The issue is executing those goals! Since I've had an on-going torrid hate/love affaire with my house since I moved in, I decided this would be a great "first linky" experience for me!

2010 Summary:
To recap 2010, I achieved almost all of my goals for my house. These included a foundation & drains repair done in the basement & the walls freshly dry-locked. The Lawn was re-graded & two juniper sky-rockets & 4 boxwoods installed in a new raised bed. The fascia was replaced along with a gable vent. Plus, I got all the vents & trunk of the HVAC system sucked out. I replaced the flat, hollow doors downstairs with white 6-panel doors. Painted the kitchen, dining room & living room. That was all in 2010.

So this year I do have some goals for my house.

Top of the list is still (as it has been since I moved here):

1.) Love my house more. Thanks to the Nester for helping me with this. It's something I caught from her the moment I discovered her blog. This means quit complaining about it's deficiencies and the fact the family room is a narrow rectangle and there's no room for a kitchen table. (and that it has a side yard and no back yard...yikes my hate list is long) My goal is to be thankful for what I have here and to have some affection for my house. Hopefully, as I love my home more, the people who live here and the people who come inside for a visit will feel love and not a disquieting feeling. I've been in many homes with no practical kitchen at all and the hostess was able to whip up some great eats and share his/her house (& love) with friends. This leads to my number 2:

2.) Have friends and family over and use my house more. I plan to eat, drink, play, & sing together with friends, new friends & old friends, inside this house in 2011.

Other project goals 2011:

3.) Install with my own bare hands real solid 3"X1/4" oak floors in the Living room, dining room and kitchen. (I like carpet in the family room for freezing cold nights in the winter) To be finished by 2/14/2011
4.) Rip out the old and install new kitchen cabinets & counters with my own bare hands. To be finished by 3/14/2011
5) Paint all the trimwork throughout the whole house cottage white. To be finished by 6/19/2011

So those are my House Goals for 2011!

Now on to preparing my taxes and receipts and mileage reports.... so much fun....I love paying my taxes.

To Da Lou!


  1. YES!!! I CAN HELP YOU WITH THESE!!!! I've got some purpose back!

  2. Becca, I can tell you this - if you have friends over and have enjoyable evenings/days/mornings, you WILL love your house more.
    When my wife and I were younger, we used to love to GO OUT and party. We were alway looking for THE ACTION.
    But the older we go, the more we realized that there really is no place like home. Some of the best times either of us have ever had have been in our little cottage.

  3. Life 101: thanks for the encoruagement. I think you're right, I need to just use my house more and the love will flow.