Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Book Review - Lady In Waiting

Lady in Waiting
A Novel,
Written by Susan Meissner, ISBN: 9780307458834

Romance novels aren't my bag. Yet, I read Lady in Waiting in just a few days. I would recommend the book, but with the caveat that it's light reading, and light entertainment. I also expected it to be more "Christian" than it is. The only "Christian" identification I found in the book is that it doesn't contain provocative language or situations. In comparison to say, Francine Rivers' book, "Redeeming Love," "Lady in Waiting" is not a book that introduces you to Jesus nor leaves you pondering the goodness of God. But, hey, nothing wrong with an entertaining, interesting, and clean read! And it was a fun read. I have no problem recommending the book to lovers of fiction, Protestant or Catholic, or no religion at all.

Lady in Waiting isn't just a story inside a story. It's two stories of two women who share the name Jane and the same small ring inscribed with their name. Modern Jane lives in Manhattan, an antique shop manager. In the midst of a sudden marriage crisis she finds the 16th century ring hidden inside a small antique Protestant prayer book. Jane Grey is the 16th century Jane, who was given the ring by a suitor. Historically known as the Nine Days Queen of England, Jane Grey's story is told from her dressmaker's viewpoint. The characters are believable and I really enjoyed the details of modern living in downtown Manhattan, as well as the historical details of English royal life during the tumultuous religious/political period of the 1500's.

I've enjoyed that feeling that antiques give us, a touching in the present something used by those in the past. This novel perfectly conveys that romantic fancy.

You can view a video of the trailer below and scroll further down to read the first four chapters. Also you can buy the book at these online retail places:

I received the book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah for review. I didn't have to give a favorable review in exchange for the book.

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