Monday, January 31, 2011

Bird Man Cometh

I love it when the mailman rings my doorbell. It means something is on my porch waiting for me that doesn't fit in the mailbox.

I peeped through the peephole of my door to be sure it wasn't a naked pyschotic man (this happened in my town last week). Seeing no one, I cautiously opened the door and saw the mail truck pulling away.

Yay! There was a package for me. It was an art print I bought off Etsy. Here's where I got it: Skyblu126 Here's where I temporarily "perched" it in my kitchen-family room area.
I like it. It's prettier in person than on the Etsy site.

So what else? I didn't feel well today so I stayed home from all real estate dealings until a friend called to say an ice storm is on it's way and the electric is expected to go out. Having only a few home-baked Ginger Snaps in the house and very little coffee left, I dragged myself to the store and bought oj, bread, and the like. On the way home I stopped at a thrift store and bought a Loft sweater for $3.00. I found this amazing orange and gold dress by Guess for $3.00 but I put it back because I'm too old to wear it. I found an Ann Taylor jacket with fake fur for $3.00 but I put it back too because I started to feel sick again and was too weak to try it on. I grabbed Suze Orman's book "Dare to be Rich" for $1.00. I've always wanted to read it but was always too cheap to buy it.

When I got home the UPS man brought me a new book called the New Christians, The Good News About the End of Christian America, How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith (what a ridiculously long title!) by Gabe Lyons.

Some birds have finally started coming around to my seed piles. Mostly junkos. A swarm of house wrens were here today. A pair of cardinals came too but left after 10 minutes. The squirrels are such pigs, it's amazing to watch them stuff their faces silly. I forgot to pick up seed from the store, so, sorry'll be disappointed tomorrow.

To Da Lou


  1. I love reading inspirational Christian books as always even if it'll have long title..hehhe