Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Stuff

We had a GREAT time at the President's Ball.

Here's what the table looked like when we arrived. The theme for the year has been sailing, so keeping with the theme, the party was called "Sail Away" Regatta Blue and White, sand and seashells centerpiece. Cocktails, laughs, excellent food, and connecting with all the wonderful people I interact with in this crazy business.

Tonight I have another Realtor party to attend. This one is for the association for which I'm an officer. I didn't run for a position for next year. Now I wish I had. I do enjoy serving even though it's time consuming. Glad I bought two dresses at Macy's cuz the ladies in that photo will also be at tonight's party, as they are in the same association with me.

My son's symphonic choir concert was last night, and since it is HUGE they have it two nights in a row. I cry at beauty. So I cried. They are that good. They sang a most genius song called "The Word Was God" It sounded so outer-spacey, like angels singing, and I could image all the creation going on in the beginning of the world. Whoever composed it is truly a genius. This YouTube clip is a different choir singing this song. My son's choir was much more amazing and this clip doesn't do the song justice. Of course, live music is always more emotionally impacting.

By the way, my son attends a public high school. I'm so thankful that sacred music is allowed to be learned and performed there.

I haven't bought a single solitary gift for Christmas. I haven't put out one decoration. I haven't baked one cookie, or addressed one card. I hope I can get motivated and quit messing around on the internet!

Oh, my sales team won a sales contest - out of 750 agents, we won! Wow. We were the smallest, and the most behind. When we finally got in the game we were behind by 1000's of points. Not kidding. We won. How funny is that. (This could be why my house is a mess and I haven't started Christmas preparations yet!)

To Da Lou!


  1. looks like it was a fun night! I like the table decorations too! I tried to play the song, because it sounds so neat, but all I could hear was "Jingle Bells". So not sure what happened there (I don't have music hooked up on my blog or anything that should interfere with hearing something from You Tube, so not sure)

    congrats on winning the sales contest!

    I totally know about motivation and Christmas. It is a good thing that we have just a few people on our list to buy for.

    enjoy the weekend!


  2. glad you had a good time,
    hope you enjoyed the second party.
    And you're right Samuel's choir is better.

  3. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my little blog and even more for your sweet comment!

    The President's Ball looked like it was very pretty! I love blue.

    I love to hear about public schools that still allow the gospel.

    You better get started on that Christmas shopping!!! lol