Friday, December 3, 2010


I've never gone to The Presidents Ball. I never had the desire to go over the years. This is the President of the Board of Realtors, not America. The old Prez says a speach and the new Prez has a guest of honor give a speach about them. There's cocktails, dinner and dancing. The attire is ball gowns (I'm not kidding). I don't feel comfortable in long dresses.

I'm actually looking forward to the evening out. My broker paid for both my husband and I to go, which is $100. So, thanks Real Living. If I had applied over the years, I would be eligible for at least the $10 million award. I never bothered. I figured my income was enough of an award. This year I decided to send in the paperwork (which is tedious) to get the 1 million award. You have to go in consecutive order, so even if I sold a highrise for $20 million, I'd still only get the 1 million. This blog post is sort of boring already.

I shopped for days for a dress to wear and ended up at Macy's clearance rack last night. I got a cocktail dress orginal price $159 for $20. Not sure I liked the dress, I got another one originally priced at $109 for $30. I love Macy's. Or, I might wear my Mother of the Bride Dress that I wore in 2009. Probably not cuz I never had it cleaned and I danced till I was sweaty.

So, yeah, my husband will dance with me even though he looks like a giant gorilla out there. That's AOK with me because it's awful to have a date that is too shy and self-conscious to get up in front of others & bounce around.
Tomorrow I'll get nails done for real. I might pay to get my hair in an updo, or else I'll just let it air dry and hang down. I still need to get some jewelry today and pair of shoes. I wish I had a wrap because it's 23 degrees outside. None of the ball gowns I looked at (which I don't want to wear) were sleeveless. I just need to decided between the Peacock & black or the sparkley and black.

OK, this boring post is over.


  1. I didn't think it was a boring post! I like the dress; I hope you have fun tomorrow night! Tomorrow is my husband's work Christmas party so we will be "getting spift up" to go and although there will be dancing there, we'll probably sit it out, so you go girl! Dance one for me!


  2. Oh, this post is not boring at all. I love your dresses! Which one are you wearing?? I admire you for putting on hose and heels!


  3. This was a fun post, I love both dresses, especially the one with the blue top. Hope you had fun! I just also want to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a blessed week!

  4. It felt boring while I was writing it! Thanks, Jane, Toyin, and Betty. I ended up wearing the peacock (blue) & black one. The event was fun and elegant.

  5. how pretty !! So glad you wore the blue, very trendy. Can't wait to come home for 4 days. love