Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thinking on New Year's Eve

After subzero temperatures it's a blue-skied Spring day here. Driving into the neighborhood I watched the geese flying about. They seem confused. Their giant flock broke into a myriad of little flocks and they flapped about every which way. I saw a hawk all poofed up and fat sitting in a tree by the road waiting for some poor rabbit or mouse to make a move.

This Christmas Tree is my favorite that I've ever gotten. It's the perfect size and proportioned all around. I decided I'm not taking it down until it turns brown, I like it that much.

The noise and activity of Christmas seems so far away now. My favorite Christmas memory, you ask? Christmas Eve in the middle of the night I woke up. In the dark room and quiet house, I was tucked in a warm bed, (except my head was freezing, it was really cold in my room) and I realized my kids were sleeping in the rooms down the hall. We were all together in this house at the same time. I hadn't had that feeling for a long time. I felt really "rich" and exceedingly blessed.

My nephew spent Christmas in prison. I tried not to think about it on Christmas Day. However, this fact is spurring me on to get involved in Prison Visitations/Outreach programs. I'm not sure where to start with this desire I have to visit prisoners, but I do plan to start looking for opportunities.

I've been a Scrooge/Grinch for many years. During the very Christmasy part of the holiday I would start to feel like I don't like Christmas and as soon as I'd think "I hate Christmas", I would turn my car and see something fun and festive. For example, I was in the parking lot of the grocery store and I just about started to complain when suddenly a horse drawn wagon with Christmas bells jingling rolled past us. The driver had a top hat on and a cape. Now that was fun! Things like that kept happening to confront my negative scrooginess. There's a Caroling Party that my friend, Blanche, has had 25 years in a row. I started attending her party 20 years ago. I've only missed one party. That's part of Christmas that I enjoy. It was freezing outside. So, after we sang for a street full of houses, our hands and faces were numb and our toes hurt from the cold. Hot cocoa and pies and cakes thaw us out!

Another holiday memory is going out to my brother's farm, which is always a comfortable and fun visit with my family. We played lots of games like Outburst, Pictionary, Mexican Train, and a game where you guess what people will "like." My niece was adopted as a teenager and she's from the Phillipians. It was great hearing her speak up boldly and play games with all of us. She hasn't been able to really speak with the language barrier, but it was FUN to have her interacting and talking. I'm really proud of her! We had to come home early because Samuel started to panick about his Japanese studies. He's had two whole weeks to work on Japanese and decides on the evening we're having fun at the farm that he has to study Japanese right now. Teenagers. Grumpf.

Yesterday, I drove a missionary couple to the other side of town to look at a house to buy. We get there, and the Sellers won't let us in. I don't mind this as it happens to me from time to time. I just felt bad for the missionaries because I know they are very busy and had a hard time finding a couple hours to fit in. I enjoyed their company and their fellowship though. They're such a calm, peaceful, loving couple.

I made my way to the other side of town today to the Bulk Mail office of the US Post Office. My magnet calendars are going to be few days late, but they are on their way to 700 homes! The clerk at the Post Office said they were cute. Then I had a request from some new people to go house hunting. I met them today, too. Sales last month were down in my town by 28% over last year at this time. I didn't need anyone to tell me that. LOL. Though the income is needed, it was so nice to have a quiet couple of weeks.

I've been reading a really good book, "Under the Overpass," by Mike Yankoski. I will be giving a little review of the book as soon as I finish it.

I bought sushi, and blue crab to munch on tonight to celebrate the New Year. Other than that, those are my plans for the evening. Cheers* Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dance the Night Away

We danced for hours at the Realtor Christmas party. I won a prize and Mr. Seriously Though won a prize too. I was surprised that I knew every single soul there. The band was hot and played rock danceable tunes like Brick House and Little Pink Houses and Alright Now. I caught a glimpse of a couple 20-something newspaper advertisers point at my husband and giggle, but I think they thought he was grand jerking around on the dance floor. He kept moving his arms as he was throwing punches here and there, so I made up a dance called the Boxer. Of course he went along with that cheerfully. It's a great partner dance. You should try it.

ince I've lost the 15 pounds it felt good to dress up again. I like this tip my friend gave me for holiday eating. If you accidentally put a spoonful of mashed potatoes in your mouth or a cookie, don't think, "oh, I might as well go all out and eat sweets and a pile of food with gravy." Don't do it. Just immediately start all over right now. That worked for me at the parties I've gone to. It feels great wearing jeans I haven't worn in 5 years and they actually zip easily.

On into the work day I go! I spent hours yesterday writing notes to past clients in Christmas cards while it snowed, the tree lights blinked and I sipped on my chai tea. Fluffy purred on the floor next to me and it was a peaceful day.

To Da Lou!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Stuff

We had a GREAT time at the President's Ball.

Here's what the table looked like when we arrived. The theme for the year has been sailing, so keeping with the theme, the party was called "Sail Away" Regatta Blue and White, sand and seashells centerpiece. Cocktails, laughs, excellent food, and connecting with all the wonderful people I interact with in this crazy business.

Tonight I have another Realtor party to attend. This one is for the association for which I'm an officer. I didn't run for a position for next year. Now I wish I had. I do enjoy serving even though it's time consuming. Glad I bought two dresses at Macy's cuz the ladies in that photo will also be at tonight's party, as they are in the same association with me.

My son's symphonic choir concert was last night, and since it is HUGE they have it two nights in a row. I cry at beauty. So I cried. They are that good. They sang a most genius song called "The Word Was God" It sounded so outer-spacey, like angels singing, and I could image all the creation going on in the beginning of the world. Whoever composed it is truly a genius. This YouTube clip is a different choir singing this song. My son's choir was much more amazing and this clip doesn't do the song justice. Of course, live music is always more emotionally impacting.

By the way, my son attends a public high school. I'm so thankful that sacred music is allowed to be learned and performed there.

I haven't bought a single solitary gift for Christmas. I haven't put out one decoration. I haven't baked one cookie, or addressed one card. I hope I can get motivated and quit messing around on the internet!

Oh, my sales team won a sales contest - out of 750 agents, we won! Wow. We were the smallest, and the most behind. When we finally got in the game we were behind by 1000's of points. Not kidding. We won. How funny is that. (This could be why my house is a mess and I haven't started Christmas preparations yet!)

To Da Lou!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've never gone to The Presidents Ball. I never had the desire to go over the years. This is the President of the Board of Realtors, not America. The old Prez says a speach and the new Prez has a guest of honor give a speach about them. There's cocktails, dinner and dancing. The attire is ball gowns (I'm not kidding). I don't feel comfortable in long dresses.

I'm actually looking forward to the evening out. My broker paid for both my husband and I to go, which is $100. So, thanks Real Living. If I had applied over the years, I would be eligible for at least the $10 million award. I never bothered. I figured my income was enough of an award. This year I decided to send in the paperwork (which is tedious) to get the 1 million award. You have to go in consecutive order, so even if I sold a highrise for $20 million, I'd still only get the 1 million. This blog post is sort of boring already.

I shopped for days for a dress to wear and ended up at Macy's clearance rack last night. I got a cocktail dress orginal price $159 for $20. Not sure I liked the dress, I got another one originally priced at $109 for $30. I love Macy's. Or, I might wear my Mother of the Bride Dress that I wore in 2009. Probably not cuz I never had it cleaned and I danced till I was sweaty.

So, yeah, my husband will dance with me even though he looks like a giant gorilla out there. That's AOK with me because it's awful to have a date that is too shy and self-conscious to get up in front of others & bounce around.
Tomorrow I'll get nails done for real. I might pay to get my hair in an updo, or else I'll just let it air dry and hang down. I still need to get some jewelry today and pair of shoes. I wish I had a wrap because it's 23 degrees outside. None of the ball gowns I looked at (which I don't want to wear) were sleeveless. I just need to decided between the Peacock & black or the sparkley and black.

OK, this boring post is over.