Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Tidy Religion

There is much to be appreciated about a tidy religion. I wish mine was tidy. It isn't.
If I tried to make it tidy, I would find that church, in a denomination that was well organized and had a headquarters. Everyone in the church would work real hard at loving each other and being kind. We'd eat dinners together and plan functions together, and smile at each other a lot. We'd pray together, collect pennies on Sunday for the poor together, and be pleased with ourselves for our trips to the prisons to play Scrabble with the inmates.

We'd carry our bibles around and be secure and comfortable in our cozy church. We wouldn't have questions in our minds about what is approved and what isn't approved. We would have missionaries who would carry the message from our headquarters to remote places and set up little churches just like ours. It would be wonderful.

Though I've tried, I just don't have a tidy religion, and it does make me sad and uneasy at times.


  1. Many parts, one body! I feel the same way, sometimes.

  2. How'd you get so smart????? Many parts, one body. Wow. Thanks, Becca. I don't feel so bad anymore!