Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Summary-Hello Work Week

Road trips are always fun except when you've been in the car too long. After 8 hours on the road, we had only 30 minutes left to arrive in Princeton. It was then I realized I had lost my phone. Where was it? Oh, yeah.... I left it on top of the toilet paper roller at the last Service Plaza on the Penn Turnpike. Oh, just forget it, I'll buy a new Blackberry, I insisted. Oh, no. Mr. Seriously Though insisted we had to go back, get the phone and save a couple hundred bucks. Why is he so frugal? So, a U turn was made, a stop at a toll house, phone calls to the service plaza, and the Blackberry located. This added an hour MORE to our car trip. sigh.

Upon arrival in the married student housing of PTS warm greetings were welcomed along with a fabulous sit down dinner of enchiladas. And so, our visit began. We had plenty of room in the cozy apartment. I was so content that even though I could hear loud exclamations of expletives from Kevin & Sam killing zombies with the xbox, I slept fabulously. As my family would say, I wasn't my usual sleep nazi self.

Thanksgiving day started with thawing Tom in the sink, getting him stuffed and oiled up. Friends of Rachael & Kevin carried over another table from their apartment around the corner along with 4 chairs so we had one big, long table for everyone. I found having a table transported from one apartment building to another rather joyful. Five other friends of Rachael & Kevin joined us along with an adorable baby. Becca flew in from the Sunshine State and took the train down from Newark, NJ. Luckily, one of the guests knew how to make gravy as that is always my brother's job or my grandma's job. Round the Thanksgiving table was truly special for me. I hope your holiday meal was special, too.

What else did we do on our visit? Watch movies. Play guitar. Play video games. Pet Clancy. Play piano. Pet Clancy. Tour the seminary campus and the university campus. Eat at Alchemist & Barrister. Shop in a knick knack store. Pet Clancy. Lie around. Watch OSU beat Michigan. Visit Small World Coffee house. Stopped in the local real estate office (a new Real Living broker). Go to church. Celebrate Olin's birthday a little late. Walk Clancy in the woods.

I'm overwhelmed with feelings of thanksgiving and love from this visit with my kids. How blessed am I? In case you don't know this for yourself: Jesus makes life so much better. Yes, it life can still be really, really crappy-but an anchor of Love and Power can keep you from capsizing. I was lost for a long time, just like my cell phone, my credit cards, and keys. God knew where I was the whole time. I'm thankful he thought I had enough value to look for me, and didn't just decide on redo. Thank God I was found. I have no idea how this happened. I'm not sure I can explain it. I just hope that the sweetest, sweetest Presence I know is with you right now.

So Monday is here, and I'm off to manage my business. My magnet calendars are in. So, that means stamping, labeling over 700 envelopes to past clients, my neighbors, and all the friends and family for whom I'm truly thankful.


  1. You're right, Jesus makes life a million times better. Without Jesus, what would be the point of life?

  2. I love your line that although you were lost, God knew exactly where you were! He was always right there wooing you to come to know him and Jesus! Awesome, isn't he?? Sounds like it was a very nice Thanksgiving except for having to go back and try to retrieve the phone.


  3. Love your blog! Glad your Thanksgiving was enjoyable. Will be back to visit soon!


  4. I am always happy to go back to work after a busy holiday -- we had a bunch of kids and gradkids here. We are blessed but tired.

    Very nice blog - I will pop in again.


  5. a- grandkids -- where is the spell checker when I need it.