Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Saying Hi

Today is Tuesday. My house is such a wreck. Paint cans and paint tools are all over the place. Newspapers are strewn. Real Estate files and crap are in piles around the house. I was talking to an agent the other day who's adult son joined her in the business. These two sell a lot of real estate. They have like 40 listings and they'll almost all luxury properties. Anyway, she told me when her son was a teenager he would complain bitterly about the real estate papers and files all over the counters and end tables and dining room table. "Can't you do something with this stuff?" he would whine. Yep. My son goes on these rants, too. But, what was affirming is that I'm not the only one with my files everywhere and not in tidy boxes and cabinets.

I'm on my way to a big broker meeting this morning. Real Living is taking over the world and they are demonstrating the new technology platform. The meeting will be held on OSU campus in 500 seat auditorium. There are two sessions, that's how many Real Living agents are in town.
I don't want to go. I want to put the paint cans away and vacuum up all the cat hair that is EVERYWHERE.

After the meeting I'm will get together with two men from the Auction Division. We'll have a little conference together about my condo listing and then go look at it. I'm curious what they will say and what they think about an auction for this place. I'll end up in the north end and I'm still on this stupid diet (lost 12 pounds) so I won't be able to stop at any of the delicious middle eastern places for lunch. I'm stuck sipping this protein drink.

Last night I went to a women's bible study. They complained a lot. I don't like complaining. Can't we just worship Jesus and pray about those things that concern us? I guess now I'm complaining. LOL.


  1. congrats on the weight loss! I totally agree with you worshiping Jesus and not complaining but get a bunch of women together and what do we do? usually find something to complain about :)

    I bet it is interesting with all the ups and downs in real estate these days!


  2. Just breathe. It seems to help me when I'm in the deep end and my arms get tired. :)