Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am An Idiot

This just happened. Last night I showed several condos to young gal and her mom. We've been looking a long, long time. The last condo we were in for awhile and I was getting tired at the end of a long day. I pulled a business card out of my purse, put it on the kitchen counter, locked up the condo and left. This is a common practice to let the owner of the condo know who was in their house and that we did indeed show it.

I got a call a few minutes ago from the Listing Agent of the condo. She said, my client emailed me and said he has never been so offended in his life when he found your business card next to the sink. I said, I always leave my card. She said, well on the back of the card you had written, I won't be coming back here ever again, end of story!

Oh my goodness, I replied. I was in a church service where the sermon offended me so greatly, that I took out a card and wrote that on the back of the card and passed it to my husband during the service. Idiot me, put the card back into my purse. I can still see myself fuming with anger at the sermon, and not even paying attention to what I was doing.

I can't believe I left THAT card of all cards. Now my face, my business name is someone's hands with my idiot anger written on it for all to see! I guess I wasn't walking by the Spirit that Sunday. The fruit of the Spirit is patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, ... you get the idea.

Can you image how that guy felt when he turned my card over and read "I wont be coming back here ever again. End of story"


  1. I swear this is something that would happen to me. Sorry!!

  2. You know accidents like this happen. I'd write him a letter of apology and explain the situation and offer some wonderful comments about his condo and tell him you hope to be back lots more times, with perhaps a buyer one time too!

    it is kind of a cute story that you will laugh about some time, but not for a long time I think

    my gosh, now I'm curious about that sermon....


  3. Betty, I am going to send him a note,

    Anon: I remember the incident, yet I don't remember the sermon. I do remember the "attitude" and it was an attitude of "we're the only ones with the real truth, and everyone else is going to burn" type of attitude...I don't know, it just rubbed me the wrong way.