Wednesday, November 3, 2010

50 Things I Like About You-for your 50th Birthday

1. You aren't exactly like other people

2. You don't know the names and faces of many movie & music performers

3. You could win Millionaire if you tried

4. Even my sister wants you on her team for trivia games especially when they involve history

5. You have a different perspective on life

6. You didn't laugh when the lights came on and that guy's long hairs that cover his bald head were standing straight up, but you tapped me three times very slowly on the shoulder to let me know you wanted to.

7. You wear water shoes as house slippers

8. You know the names of weird actors from some weird movies from some weird year like 1939.

9. Same thing with songs

10. You read the bible every morning.

11. You read "our Daily Bread" every morning

12. You pray for about 10 minutes every morning

13. You take my calls whenever I call you no matter what you're doing, even though you don't like to talk on the phone.

14. You believe in the gifts of the spirit and aren't afraid to use them.

15. You make me coffee and rub my feet when I'm tired.

16. I like how strong you are

17. I like how funny you are

18. I like that you'll tour old, historic houses and buildings, and museums.

19. I like that you have British Car Club friends.

20. I love having a mechanic around the house.

21. I love that you understand economics and politicals so well.

22. I remember when you're mom was so sad your grandpa's dog died, and you said, "at least you don't have to dog sit anymore!" and she just about fell over laughing.

23. You enjoy going to the beach on vacation.

24. You took me horse back riding on our first date.

25. I like that you would give Princess part of your breakfast every day even though you don't like dogs.

26. I like the weird names you called all of us, like Bug, Bug Jr, and Nuk Nuk, and bowling pin.

27. I like your 57 Ford.

28. I like that you sold an old car for the down payment of our first house.

29. I like how you believed that God would provide the money for a house that we couldn't afford, and then He did.

30. I like how you drove me to the Browns Game even though you're not a fan and you hate crowds, and you hate Cleveland.

31. You like music and play the flute.

32. You go to work everyday and work hard in a place that isn't always pleasant so we can have a home and food and gasoline.

33. You come up with some incredibly interesting true stories. The stories of your life are hysterically funny-
FROM RAchael:

34. You pray before you make any decisions.

35. I love that you're a reader.

36. Believe it or not, I like your sense of humor.

37. I remember when you came to St. Augustine and we went to the Old Spanish Pub, JP Henley's, and Scarlett O'Hara's and you hung out with my friends. I loved that.

38 I like that you were so supportive of my going to Flagler, and my being a Religion/Philosophy Major.


39. You are always forgiving

40. You see the other side to issues

41. You are not judgmental

42. You can talk to anyone about anything they are interested in.

43, You are a history buff

44. You are smart

45.You put up with three women

46. You helped me learn to drive stick-shift.

47. You brought me back to UNF my sophomore year.


Dad, the realization of you turning 50 really hasn't hit me yet because I still think of you as 41.

48. You have the great gift of staying calm when it's needed

49. You also have the gift of not being ignorant ike a large sum of 50 year olds today

50. You've raised three amazing people including the brightest teenager I'ver ever known (me)

51. You can balance a checkbook and keep a well paying job during the hardest economic times America has seen.

52. You are really good at fixing cars/tv's or really anything that needs fixed

53. To live in a house with me and mom you must have a lot of patience, and you do

But on top of this all, you have a terrible taste in NFL teams!


  1. whoever this was written for, happy (belated maybe) 50th birthday and what a special person indeed!


  2. I laughed/cried reading the ones you came up with, can't wait to read samuel and becca's!

  3. Thanks, Betty, I will tell Mr. Seriously Though you said HB! He is 50 today!

    Rachael, I added Becca's and Samuel's...

  4. okay Samuel's cracked me up. I loved #50 because one he thinks becca and I are amazing and 2 because it's funny, becca's "you put up with 3 women" is pretty good.

  5. ha ha. 48 is ironic...he can stay calm when it's really, really needed, but usually he is causing uproar.

  6. that's exactly what I Thought when I read it! how different perceptions are.