Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Neighbor Part 2

So the house behind me had their closing last week. I keep looking for a moving truck to pull up to the house, but haven't seen one yet! Then one night, Olin and I kept waking up to the sound of barking dog, which barked all night long. In the morning Olin asked, is that dog the new neighbor's, or is it the idiot's on the other street? I said I think it's the idiot's.
A couple days later, just now, I looked outside and there's a light on in the house behind me. We can hear a dog barking, too. I said, "oh, the new neighbor is there, and I don't have my house warming present for her, yet." To which he replied, "well if that's her dog barking, you can give her a muzzle."


  1. Haha that's hilarious 2 fold; dad's comment and that she has a barking dog too. Actually that stinks maybe you should get her a muzzle! (just kidding I prob wouldn't!) ps thank you for your help lately, wish I was there to meet your neighbor too.