Thursday, October 21, 2010

Someone is Singing in the Bathroom

Practicing their ahhhs and ohhhs and other sounds. if only we all sounded as good as we do in the bathroom when we're on stage. lol.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gone Astray

I liked this. Maybe it was just the 80's. If you do click on and read this blog post from Joni Parsley, be sure and read the first comment left (which is a PS by Joni)

Gone Astray

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Neighbor Part 2

So the house behind me had their closing last week. I keep looking for a moving truck to pull up to the house, but haven't seen one yet! Then one night, Olin and I kept waking up to the sound of barking dog, which barked all night long. In the morning Olin asked, is that dog the new neighbor's, or is it the idiot's on the other street? I said I think it's the idiot's.
A couple days later, just now, I looked outside and there's a light on in the house behind me. We can hear a dog barking, too. I said, "oh, the new neighbor is there, and I don't have my house warming present for her, yet." To which he replied, "well if that's her dog barking, you can give her a muzzle."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tye Dye Party!

Many moons ago I was a college student in a grand city. I met many interesting and creative people and was an officer of the Mountaineering Club. We went on many fantastic outdoor adventures such as winter backpacking in the Rockies, caving in Applachia, climbing rocks and mountains, skiing where ever it snowed. I loved them. Yesterday Dr. Larry had a tye dye party and his friends, many of whom are past mountaineering people, or friends of mountaineering people, and present day college student mountaineering people came to his party. It was cold and it was raining and tye-dying requires the use of lots of water and getting wet. BRRRRR. His house over looks the Red's baseball stadium and we could hear the cheers and the fireworks go off when the Reds got a run in. A mouse was found living in the grill before we grilled up our dinner. Kind of cute and kind of gross. Sam made a couple cool shirts, Olin took his time and made a very cool shirt. I made a bandana and a gauze shirt. When I arrived at Dr. Larry's I met a girl from the mountaineering club from 1994. I met the current president, 2010, a super nice whippersnapper. There I was from 1982. Then someone arrived from the 70's so I wasn't the oldest! ha ha. I wasn't the only one who made their teenage kid come along too. Honestly all the teens seemed to enjoy creating wearable art with their parents and being on top of big hill overlooking the Ohio River.

Oh, and yes, there were Larry Cookies.
To Da Lou~