Saturday, September 25, 2010

Speaking of Evil

Feeling sorry for myself! WAH WAH! I am missing a most glorious day with an incredible blue sky and no wind. I'm stuck inside working on taxes. TAXES. I've heard people complain about how complicated the tax code and IT IS! I resent that I have to hire an expert to help me do my taxes and understand what I can and cannot deduct off my business income. So I don't hire someone, because I resent it. I have always prepared my own tax returns because the hard part is the record keeping. The record keeping is more than a nuisance. It is an outrageous amount of documentation and tedious. I figure once I have done all the hard part, why woud I pay someone to plug in the numbers I gave them? I can do that part in a couple hours.

Also, the preparer is not as motivated as I am to save me as much money as possible. I had a client tell me his accountant told him he couldn't take the second home tax credit because he didn't know how it worked. It's spelled out right on the IRS website. Not hard to do. Not hard to understand. Why would I pay someone who won't even read the IRS tax code?

I have worked from 11:0 am to 5:30 pm non stop preparing my records and I'm not even half way there. UGH. The only happy thing today are these adorable birds that keep coming near my window as I work. They are tiny like a hummingbird but larger, and they "peep" instead of chirp. They have a little black spot on their downy little heads and thier tiny beaks are like a hummingbird, too, but they aren't hummingbirds. I have no idea what they are. Their little visits to my window edge are greatly appreciated. I'm going to put out some water for them in an old flat flower pot since it hasn't rained in a month and there are no puddles around here for a bird bath

More interesting things to note later. I hope. Back to the tax records.

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