Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Decorated

This is a rare happening in my life. I decorated yesterday. I put up this wall display with the help of Mr. S. T. The "S" is for Seriously... just kidding.
The green candle was a gift from Agape Life. The birds and light house were purchased at the now defunct Schottenstein's, and they were $2.00 each and reminded me of the ocean, one of my favorite places. The plate was bought at Marshall's for $2.00 and it's brown and white and has birds on it. I liked it. The photo is a picture of "letyourgloryfalldown" and a group of Ohio ladies surrounding a very controversial mother of 5, Just the mention of this controversial mother will cause a stir, so I won't stir you up.

In my mind I have great decorating ideas. Carried out, they disappoint. I have low self esteem over my inability to decorate. It's like the silver valour curtains I hung in the guest bedroom. Mr. S.T. gasped when he saw them and said "that's something you find in a 1970's episode of "Shaft"! He's right. They do bring to mind the image of pot smoking and go-go boots.

It's assumed by people I meet that I can decorate since I'm a Realtor. Because I can tell you exactly what you need to do to your house and and stage it to get it sold doesn't mean I can decorate. I can stage a house lickety-split and it's one thing I am very good at. Looking at 65 houses a week with persnickety buyers has caused me to perfect that talent. I know how to "stage" my house very well. I know what I need to do: new cabinets, new floors, don't do laminate, always use natural materials when you can afford to, don't scream the 80's or the 90's or the 00's. Staging isn't decorating! Staging removes distractions when they take your eye off of a house's assets, and it addess distractions to move your eye away from a house's deficiencies.

Money has always been my excuse for not decorating, but the truth it's not money. One truth is I'm not patient. I realize with all talents and skills it all comes down to patience. The woodworker patiently sands his handicraft day after day after day. I, on the other hand, would get bored after an hour and say "Done!" The fact I've never decorated my home is a deep-seated painful "issue" I have. I've done some self-psycho therapy and I have a pretty good idea of why I have not decorated my home. I can't share the analysis here as I feel a need to protect the guilty.

With this new wall display in my family room I can tell I need to bring the shelf on the right down a bit. I don't know why I hung it up there so high like it's floating away.
Oh well. If I'm patient enough I'll move it down. That requieres getting the hammer out again. So I doubt that shelf will move anywhere, seriously.

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  1. I walked into that room and looked at the curtains and said, "wow I like these curtains mom picked out!
    also, I love the wall dispaly I think you did a great job
    and if you really have a hard time with patience, I'll come decorate your house!