Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Discovery of Kevin

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Dancing on Air, Part 2 (9/14/10) - Video -

So, I wanted you to see my son-in-law. He is dancer #2 on the Jimmy Fallon Show from 9/14/2010. Click on the "link" above to watch it.

Rachael and Kevin went to see the show as part of her birthday celebration. I got a text on Tuesday from Rachael that said, "you will want to watch the show tonight, Kevin will be on" I knew I woud fall asleep, and Sam fell asleep on the couch while Jay Leno was on. Luckily I set my alarm for 12:15 am and when it went off I woke up. I don' have cable or anything fancy so taping it wasn't an option. Sam didn't wake up and eventually crawled upstairs to his bed, unfortunately. But he watched it later online.

I woke up in time to see Jamie Lee Curtis and the Situation on Jay Leno. So when Kevin finally was on I was wide awake. The first guy danced, and I was like, "ok," kind of cute. Then when Kevin danced I fell off the couch onto the floor and I actually howled. I almost peed my pants, I am not kidding. I don't know if it's because I know him and that's why it was so funny to me, but Rachael even said the audience around her was howling, too. She said guys were slapping their legs and laughing out loud. So, I hope you enjoy the clip as much as I did!

I like to imagine that Jimmy Fallon will call Kevin and say, "hey, we liked you so much we want you to be a regular on the show twice a week, and we'll pay you real, live money," or something like that. Kevin does have a 4 year degree with a performance major, so I guess it sort of paid off, and got him free dancing lessons in NYC. LOL

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