Sunday, September 5, 2010


by Marion Dianne Werra-Baburchak

There He breathes His season song
On shortened days and nights of long
With harvest bounty going strong
I cannot wait to join the throng
and dance to the tune of my Lover!

Something calls me to the heights
To come and taste the sweet delights
All the earth and all it's sights
Blazing trees and flaming lights
bright shining as my Lover!

Hush the howling winds ablow
Watch the dancing leaves aglow
Leaves liquidated, pour into my soul
Crimson like His blood it flows
-like the mark of my dear Lover!

Dark chocolate trees with organe glaze
Constrating hues-I stand amazed
Autumn rambles just leave me dazed
If this is Him, I love His ways!

This is just part of the poem written by Marion Werra-Baburchak and published in her book: "Reflections on Water" The rest of the poem is wonderful and contains my favorite lines.

You don't have permission to use her poem, sorry. You may purchase her book on Amazon, though!

Marion is the sister of a friend of mine who pastors a church with her husband. Marion passed away a few weeks ago. I got her book from Amazon a few days ago. I read some of her poems and thought, "The world needs to read these poems!" Encouraging. Uplifting. Taken from her introduction: "Some poems touch on the experience of despair...there are those that reflect on the pain of loss...other poems reflect the overwhelming exhilaration I have found in feelings God's presence in man, nature, wisdom, and life's simplest enjoyments..."

If you want this book, but can't afford it, or don't have the time to order, I'll buy you one and mail it to you completely free of charge. It will be my little gift to you! (PS I'm not a killer looking for your address either.) So you can email me at

To Da Lou!

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