Monday, August 9, 2010

The Trip To Jersey

Well, you can read about our trip on Agape Life blog...

I've been sick for a full 7 days. We got home last week on Monday early evening. I could barely get out of bed on Tuesday and slept like sleeping beauty. Wednesday I threw myself through the day and went out to dinner with a past client. It makes me feel good past clients want to keep the relationship going. I meet some very cool people in my job. But then Thursday I was completely out of commission and my body was full of pain. Yesterday I was able to navigate my way to the office and function a bit, laundry, dishes that sort of thing. I haven't felt like writing anything. I've been laying around groaning in pain from head to foot, I rejoined facebook, and I've surfed blogs to pass the time. I took so much pain reliever it made me throw up. It may be a coincidence but I caught a little bit of Sid Roth on my teeny tiny tv and while I listened to his enthusiastic, soft voice I started to actually feel better. Today, I am almost 100%. Most of the day was spent orchestrating a closing, which did happen. Hip hip hooray!

There was an absolutely awesome thunderstorm during the closing with crashing-body splitting thunder and fantastic bright lightening which knocked out the electricity to the building. Gobs and gobs of rain. I just love a thunderstorm.

On my way to the office, I felt very thankful for my career. As much as it kicks me in the ass and the teeth, I often feel made to job of bringing all the people together to make a sale happen and help them make important decisions. Very important decisions!

What' s this got to do with Jersey? Well, as I said Agape Life did a nice job putting our trip into a little synopsis.

Sitting here typing this makes me really tired. I have to go lie down. bummer.

To Da Lou!

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