Tuesday, August 17, 2010


40 years my husband's father died from brain cancer. My husband was only 10 years old. This sadness is a part of who my husband is. 40 years ago most cancer patients were sent home to die. Today, there is much more hope and effective treatments. Thanks to cancer research. Saturday my husband will ride in the Pelotonia in the hopes to raise $1,000 for The James Cancer Research Center at The Ohio State University, one of the foremost cancer research hospitals in the world.

Olin is 6'4". He has a crooked back. He doesn't go on long bike rides! The bike he will use is a bike a friend of his from church trash picked from a campus area dumpster over 20 years ago! He will wear cut off shorts, probably, and a t-shirt, while the riders beside him will be in slick aero-dynamic gear and new fancy bikes. My husband plays the flute, so he has always been a bit eccentric! He is determined to ride.

If you are so inclined to give a nickel or dime, here's the website to dontate!



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