Monday, August 30, 2010

Horse Fix

Today was a day to love being alive. Right now I can hear my son playing his guitar and singing in fallsetto a song he made up while I was out. It has this calming sound to it. I like it.

Today with the bluest of skies I met my friend about 30 miles out of the city. Together we drove another 30 miles north to an Amish farm I sold back in March. I blogged about the farm in "Do You Believe in Miracles."

My friend A and I were invited out by my friend L who bought the farm to evaluate a pair of working horses she is thinking of purchasing from her Amish neighbor. God, I really love barns. If I wasn't so exhausted from the awesome day I had, I would write about how beautiful the milk calf is, the rusty colored chickens all cooped up against the white farm house, and the silly black, lab that wants to be sure eveyone is having a great, playful time.

Handling horses always makes me feel like myself. I seem to forget who I am until I get around the horses and then it all comes back to me.

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