Wednesday, August 25, 2010

funny story, kind of

so a friend of my doesn't smoke pot. anymore. she stopped smoking shortly before asking Jesus into her life. She hasn't smoked the mary jane since.
remember back in Feb I told you I made a stew and realized the barley box said "use before 2001" ? I also had some other stuff in my pantry that I didn't realize so much time went by.
well my friend tells me she went through her pantry to make a special dish and she grabbed a box of corn starch and when she tried to pour the starch into a spoon a little plastic baggy poked out of the hold. She tugged on it and low and behold there is a little bit of marijuanna in the baggy, a few stems and seeds. She is astounded. Where on earth did this come from? How did his get in here? She called her husband over and he has no idea how this got into th box of starch. She suspects one of her children has been trying out pot, so she calls them both in. (now when she tells me this, I think, no way have your kids tried pot. they're only like 7 and 9 years old and they're extremely sheltered, but I don't say anything)
so she shows the baggy to her kids and says, "Look what I find in the box starch!" She said her kids eyes were big, big and their mouths were open as they stared at the baggy and it's contents. She said she looked at their faces closely to detect any falsehood and she said they had this look on their faces like "wow, so that's what pot looks like."
She dismissed the children and was still puzzled. Then her husband took the box and read, "Best if used by November, 1997" "honey, that's yours!" he said.


I thought that was sort of funny

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