Monday, August 30, 2010

Horse Fix

Today was a day to love being alive. Right now I can hear my son playing his guitar and singing in fallsetto a song he made up while I was out. It has this calming sound to it. I like it.

Today with the bluest of skies I met my friend about 30 miles out of the city. Together we drove another 30 miles north to an Amish farm I sold back in March. I blogged about the farm in "Do You Believe in Miracles."

My friend A and I were invited out by my friend L who bought the farm to evaluate a pair of working horses she is thinking of purchasing from her Amish neighbor. God, I really love barns. If I wasn't so exhausted from the awesome day I had, I would write about how beautiful the milk calf is, the rusty colored chickens all cooped up against the white farm house, and the silly black, lab that wants to be sure eveyone is having a great, playful time.

Handling horses always makes me feel like myself. I seem to forget who I am until I get around the horses and then it all comes back to me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Thoughts

1.) Light attracts bugs. -Bill Johnson in reference to the crazies and undesireables who come to his meetings.

2.) Judgement prevents you from receiving a blessing. - me
When we judge another person for any reason, we are prevented then from receivng any of the blessings and goodness they may possess. However, don't confuse the heebie jeebies with judgement. If someone gives you the heebie jeebies, it's your spirit "seeing" something in that person and warning you to be careful, very careful, and probably don't get involved with that person. Judgement, on the other hand, says things like, "She is too weird and goth for me," or "he is too gay," or, "they are always late and so disrespectful," or, the list goes on. I have actually been judging lately. I have gone to a little church twice which my son likes. I looked at the other people and thought, "I don't have anything in common with them," So, I didn't even bother to talk to them. Who knows, they actually might be hilarious and I am missing out? I need to stop judging - - -

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

funny story, kind of

so a friend of my doesn't smoke pot. anymore. she stopped smoking shortly before asking Jesus into her life. She hasn't smoked the mary jane since.
remember back in Feb I told you I made a stew and realized the barley box said "use before 2001" ? I also had some other stuff in my pantry that I didn't realize so much time went by.
well my friend tells me she went through her pantry to make a special dish and she grabbed a box of corn starch and when she tried to pour the starch into a spoon a little plastic baggy poked out of the hold. She tugged on it and low and behold there is a little bit of marijuanna in the baggy, a few stems and seeds. She is astounded. Where on earth did this come from? How did his get in here? She called her husband over and he has no idea how this got into th box of starch. She suspects one of her children has been trying out pot, so she calls them both in. (now when she tells me this, I think, no way have your kids tried pot. they're only like 7 and 9 years old and they're extremely sheltered, but I don't say anything)
so she shows the baggy to her kids and says, "Look what I find in the box starch!" She said her kids eyes were big, big and their mouths were open as they stared at the baggy and it's contents. She said she looked at their faces closely to detect any falsehood and she said they had this look on their faces like "wow, so that's what pot looks like."
She dismissed the children and was still puzzled. Then her husband took the box and read, "Best if used by November, 1997" "honey, that's yours!" he said.


I thought that was sort of funny

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


40 years my husband's father died from brain cancer. My husband was only 10 years old. This sadness is a part of who my husband is. 40 years ago most cancer patients were sent home to die. Today, there is much more hope and effective treatments. Thanks to cancer research. Saturday my husband will ride in the Pelotonia in the hopes to raise $1,000 for The James Cancer Research Center at The Ohio State University, one of the foremost cancer research hospitals in the world.

Olin is 6'4". He has a crooked back. He doesn't go on long bike rides! The bike he will use is a bike a friend of his from church trash picked from a campus area dumpster over 20 years ago! He will wear cut off shorts, probably, and a t-shirt, while the riders beside him will be in slick aero-dynamic gear and new fancy bikes. My husband plays the flute, so he has always been a bit eccentric! He is determined to ride.

If you are so inclined to give a nickel or dime, here's the website to dontate!


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Trip To Jersey

Well, you can read about our trip on Agape Life blog...

I've been sick for a full 7 days. We got home last week on Monday early evening. I could barely get out of bed on Tuesday and slept like sleeping beauty. Wednesday I threw myself through the day and went out to dinner with a past client. It makes me feel good past clients want to keep the relationship going. I meet some very cool people in my job. But then Thursday I was completely out of commission and my body was full of pain. Yesterday I was able to navigate my way to the office and function a bit, laundry, dishes that sort of thing. I haven't felt like writing anything. I've been laying around groaning in pain from head to foot, I rejoined facebook, and I've surfed blogs to pass the time. I took so much pain reliever it made me throw up. It may be a coincidence but I caught a little bit of Sid Roth on my teeny tiny tv and while I listened to his enthusiastic, soft voice I started to actually feel better. Today, I am almost 100%. Most of the day was spent orchestrating a closing, which did happen. Hip hip hooray!

There was an absolutely awesome thunderstorm during the closing with crashing-body splitting thunder and fantastic bright lightening which knocked out the electricity to the building. Gobs and gobs of rain. I just love a thunderstorm.

On my way to the office, I felt very thankful for my career. As much as it kicks me in the ass and the teeth, I often feel made to job of bringing all the people together to make a sale happen and help them make important decisions. Very important decisions!

What' s this got to do with Jersey? Well, as I said Agape Life did a nice job putting our trip into a little synopsis.

Sitting here typing this makes me really tired. I have to go lie down. bummer.

To Da Lou!