Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing Project Coming On?

It's a glorious morning in Ohio. Bluest of skies. 65 degrees. No wind. I wish you were here.
I haven't read any fiction in so long. Reading other people's blogs has me wanting to read a book and the opportunity is here with this temporary slow down in housing. Any reading suggestions? I'm thinking of reading Heidi again. I don't know why I love the book Heidi. I just do. I want to have a bed made out of hay in the loft of a little wooden cottage on top of an Alpine mountain, with pet goats and frequent visits from Peter the Goat herder.

I'm going to my mom's pool this afternoon with my sis-in-law. I'll start my book selection there.

Then, I think I'll start on a writing project. I'm afraid to start one, because I've started many writing projects and have only finished maybe a couple short stories. Never a novel. I really feel the excitement over this reading and writing project. I'm not going to make any goals like I did with 40 days of swimming which died on Day 4. And my calorie counting goal, it died on Day 4 too (though I'm back at it!).

I'm just going to read today, and write a little. I write best with pen and college spiral notebook, so I'm gonna buy one of those at CVS on my way to the pool. How exciting!

First, I have to call all my Sellers and give them updates on what I'm doing to try and sell their house. Hopefully, get some price-reductions in the computer and then change my newspaper ads. (please, pray these gorgeous homes sell. All of my listings are stunning) I have a new lead and a listing appointment to prepare for. After some realtoring, I have to and I mean HAVE to spray the lawn with chemicals to kill a zillion kabillion little trees that are growing in my yard. Then, off to CVS and the swimming pool. (oh, yea, there was lady I met at the pool last week who owns severl pieces of real estate and wants it all sold. I need to take some real estate info with me just in case--always selling...)

To Da Lou!

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