Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Runs Swiftly

A quick update. I deleted a couple blog posts because I'm following some bloogers who are local and I'm a local real estate agent. In case someone local clicks on my following profile, I have to hide my real self from the public and for public relations reasons only let this other public self appear on the internet. Ugh. Managing my "selves" can be tedious. I really can't just blog a public self, a professional self.. it's hard to hide my real life, my mystical, skeptical, often times downer self... So...I deleted stuff. Then I became afraid to blog. How do you blog anonymously? Anybody know? Perhaps I can have professional public blog and an anonysmous "telling on myself" blog...
So let's see:
Becca came to town for a week. We saw Toy Story 3. We tried to shop unsuccessfully. We took the Saturn to get fixed and repaired by two different mechanics. (Saturn tried to RIP ME OFF! Like $3000! the good ole boys in Hilliard said I only needed $200 worth of repairs! Go good ole boys! Praise the Lord.)
We toured the new Student Union at The Ohio State University. And, we went to the top of The OSU library. I have great kids who put up with my interests! We had sushi at Haiku and we discovered a neat little wine bar in short north. Then John arrived for only two days. I grilled steaks, had pasta salad, and green beens, made a summer drink out of ginger ale and sherbet. We went to the G-ma's condo community's pool party. They had catered foods, free frozen mint martinis, and a great dj. The dj was fantastic. It was sunny and hot, and the party was fun. O had two martinis and they were just perfect in the hot sun. It was old people and the other side of the community is young so it was good mix of old and young. There was seriously more old people though! The few 20 somethings in the pool I sort of felt sorry for them. But they said they LOVE the community and floorplans... I'm always realtoring...

OK, so then we watched the soccer game. Sort of fun-but USA lost so, you was only sort of fun. Then we saw the Tom Cruise movie, Knight and Day. I super loved it. I want to see it again. Since it was Movie Tavern we ate dinner during the movie. Oh, we sat in broken chairs so John made the manager gives up free food and drinks! The movie goot bad reviews in the papers, but so what. I loved it! Tom Cruise was great. Maybe he took acting lessons? Then we had a fire in the back yard and looked at the moon through the telescope.

Sunday we worshipped at my very favorite TV preacher's church. I am sooooo glad we did. I needed to be around people who have Faith and really don't care what you think about their Faith, but they do care about you deeply. They just aren't going to apologize for believing God is super, supernatural. I love the hyperness there.

Then I did an open house...... (Becca and John successfully shopped)

Then we toured The OSU student union with John and Olin and Sam (and the library top floor) again. The new union is sweet (but I miss the old). It felt like OSU is a legitimate school with the new union. (but I still miss the old one)

Then they drove into the sunrise Monday morning.... and that's that.

Big deal is this: I bought a brand new Hyundai Sante Fe. I like it....

To Da Lou

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