Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RE Happens

A quick update here. First about my last post. A certain someone sent me an email in which they said, "Sometimes He sheilds me from harm and that comes in or with hurt..." Wow. That made my day. I know this is true, too. He has shielded me from some evil stuff, but at the time I just felt "left out" or "ignored" or "wounded." Life and people are so interesting.

Meanwhile, from two posts ago, the writing project never happened. The trip to the pool never happened that day either. I had my pool bag and swim suit and purse already to go and the phone rang. A real estate disaster was about to occur and the person I'm helping was about to be damaged with no where to live and a loss of money! It all had to be handled that very hour as July 4th was a holiday and time was of the essence.

So, the inspiration for a writing project flew away with my business concerns. Hopefully, time will open up and inspiration will flow in again.

To Da Lou,

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