Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fair Days

So today is the first day of the Franklin County Fair.

Olin and I were watching the Ohio channel and they were airing The Ohio State Fair Sheep Shearing Championships from last year. Basically these men are lined up with a pair of electric shears and then these people shove a sprawling sheep at them. They grab the sheep and make it sit on the floor like a human sits in a chair with it's legs all stuck out. Then zip, zip, zip they go with the shears. They get 10 points for no cuts on the animal, 10 points for how it looks when they're done, 10 points for how good the wool is when their done, and like 40 points for how fast they do it.
I was watching these men shave the sheep real fast around it's privates. I squeeked, "ooo, watch out for their pee-pee parts!" To which Olin replied, can you imagine someone cutting around your pee-pee parts with shears and their in a SPEED contest?"

ha ha. I laughed at that! Those poor, poor sheep!

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