Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love Mondays

The market may be slow right now. I hear that constantly from fellow agents in the field. No showings. No offers. Lots of new listings. But, God is good. Last week I became in contract and also have great prospects for the very near future, and a closing due on Friday.
One of you's prayed, didn't ya? Thank ye.
Now I'm making plans for an east coast trip to see my cutie pie red-haired girl at the fancy pants seminary, Princeton. I can't wait. ! I haven't seen the north east coast in years and years. Oh, and I can't wait to see my cuite pie, too. Switch that order: cutie pie first, ocean second.

To Da Lou!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fair Days

So today is the first day of the Franklin County Fair.

Olin and I were watching the Ohio channel and they were airing The Ohio State Fair Sheep Shearing Championships from last year. Basically these men are lined up with a pair of electric shears and then these people shove a sprawling sheep at them. They grab the sheep and make it sit on the floor like a human sits in a chair with it's legs all stuck out. Then zip, zip, zip they go with the shears. They get 10 points for no cuts on the animal, 10 points for how it looks when they're done, 10 points for how good the wool is when their done, and like 40 points for how fast they do it.
I was watching these men shave the sheep real fast around it's privates. I squeeked, "ooo, watch out for their pee-pee parts!" To which Olin replied, can you imagine someone cutting around your pee-pee parts with shears and their in a SPEED contest?"

ha ha. I laughed at that! Those poor, poor sheep!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RE Happens

A quick update here. First about my last post. A certain someone sent me an email in which they said, "Sometimes He sheilds me from harm and that comes in or with hurt..." Wow. That made my day. I know this is true, too. He has shielded me from some evil stuff, but at the time I just felt "left out" or "ignored" or "wounded." Life and people are so interesting.

Meanwhile, from two posts ago, the writing project never happened. The trip to the pool never happened that day either. I had my pool bag and swim suit and purse already to go and the phone rang. A real estate disaster was about to occur and the person I'm helping was about to be damaged with no where to live and a loss of money! It all had to be handled that very hour as July 4th was a holiday and time was of the essence.

So, the inspiration for a writing project flew away with my business concerns. Hopefully, time will open up and inspiration will flow in again.

To Da Lou,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Unspoken Goodbye

The sun is coming up up. I can see a grey lit sky through the leaves outside my window. My neighbor's porch light is still on. I heard a faint sound at the door and looked out. The newspaper man's car slowly drove past my house. It must be the paper at the door.
So, I didn't sleep well. I'm disturbed and my feelings are hurt. Yesterday I discovered online that a gal I have been helping for over a year to find a house, a gal I helped go into contract, then terminate the contract, showed over 60 houses to (and that's pretty accurate) well she bought a house last month with another agent.
It's not the money that hurts. I know I'm weird like that. It's the fact nothing was said to me at all about it. She basically lied to me the last time I saw her when I gave her earnest money check back. She didn't return my phone calls, and she unsubscribed from my automated mls searches. I assumed she was busy, so I didn't pursue or pester her. It's not my way to harrass people. When they are ready to talk to me, they will. y

Doing a little real estate search there her name was having closed on a house not even a mile from my home. The odd thing is she paid $15,000 more than she insisted she spend on a house. There are some other odd things about which details I won't divulge on the internet. To not tell me that she was using another agent to look at homes is what hurts. I stupidly thought she liked me. I foolishly thought we had a relationship built on trust. I certainly worked overtime to earn that trust. I can understand people feeling uncomfortable when it's time to dump someone, but to just not say anything at all? In fact my mission statement is, "Bringing people together to achieve their life goals in a relationship based on trust and exceptional service." It is about the relationship with me. It isn't the money. I'm sure you're saying "yeah right." But those that know me well, know this is true.

These things happen in the real estate business all the time. I've only had it happen to me once before in 5 years. That guy at least called me and told me what he did. He later called me and said his pride had gotten the best of him and now he was afraid he had hurt the relationship. Loyalty is not something that is heralded in our culture. We all love our dogs because of their undying loyalty. But loyalty is actually frowned upon in our culture. "I don't owe you anything. I only owe myself what's best for me" That is the attitude. I've also heard, "It's not about loyalty it's about business." However, I know from personal experience (and a famous economics model) that loyalty is a good business practice for both parties.

These things happen all the time in the business. I know that. So, I can't let it get me down and discourage me from helping other people 100%. That's how I feel right now. Like why bother? If someone calls me today about real estate, based on how I feel right now, I might take an I don't give a poop attitude toward that person's questions and needs. I offer 100% loyalty to those who will give me the opportunity to serve them. I ask for nothing in return. I need to keep that good attitude! That's just the way this business works. Some people can't handle it. They can't handle working, spending hard-earned money, and giving up their family time and themselves for free and not knowing if they'll get rewarded for their service, investment, and time in return. Hundreds of people get their real estate license and wthin 6 months they are finished with the whole crazy mess.

I hang in there becaue of the people. If you can't help someone, then what good are you?

Had to get that off my chest. Outside my window I can see the whole yard now, and it's lighter and lighter.
I'll sleep again someday. Just had to unload this disappointment.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing Project Coming On?

It's a glorious morning in Ohio. Bluest of skies. 65 degrees. No wind. I wish you were here.
I haven't read any fiction in so long. Reading other people's blogs has me wanting to read a book and the opportunity is here with this temporary slow down in housing. Any reading suggestions? I'm thinking of reading Heidi again. I don't know why I love the book Heidi. I just do. I want to have a bed made out of hay in the loft of a little wooden cottage on top of an Alpine mountain, with pet goats and frequent visits from Peter the Goat herder.

I'm going to my mom's pool this afternoon with my sis-in-law. I'll start my book selection there.

Then, I think I'll start on a writing project. I'm afraid to start one, because I've started many writing projects and have only finished maybe a couple short stories. Never a novel. I really feel the excitement over this reading and writing project. I'm not going to make any goals like I did with 40 days of swimming which died on Day 4. And my calorie counting goal, it died on Day 4 too (though I'm back at it!).

I'm just going to read today, and write a little. I write best with pen and college spiral notebook, so I'm gonna buy one of those at CVS on my way to the pool. How exciting!

First, I have to call all my Sellers and give them updates on what I'm doing to try and sell their house. Hopefully, get some price-reductions in the computer and then change my newspaper ads. (please, pray these gorgeous homes sell. All of my listings are stunning) I have a new lead and a listing appointment to prepare for. After some realtoring, I have to and I mean HAVE to spray the lawn with chemicals to kill a zillion kabillion little trees that are growing in my yard. Then, off to CVS and the swimming pool. (oh, yea, there was lady I met at the pool last week who owns severl pieces of real estate and wants it all sold. I need to take some real estate info with me just in case--always selling...)

To Da Lou!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Runs Swiftly

A quick update. I deleted a couple blog posts because I'm following some bloogers who are local and I'm a local real estate agent. In case someone local clicks on my following profile, I have to hide my real self from the public and for public relations reasons only let this other public self appear on the internet. Ugh. Managing my "selves" can be tedious. I really can't just blog a public self, a professional self.. it's hard to hide my real life, my mystical, skeptical, often times downer self... So...I deleted stuff. Then I became afraid to blog. How do you blog anonymously? Anybody know? Perhaps I can have professional public blog and an anonysmous "telling on myself" blog...
So let's see:
Becca came to town for a week. We saw Toy Story 3. We tried to shop unsuccessfully. We took the Saturn to get fixed and repaired by two different mechanics. (Saturn tried to RIP ME OFF! Like $3000! the good ole boys in Hilliard said I only needed $200 worth of repairs! Go good ole boys! Praise the Lord.)
We toured the new Student Union at The Ohio State University. And, we went to the top of The OSU library. I have great kids who put up with my interests! We had sushi at Haiku and we discovered a neat little wine bar in short north. Then John arrived for only two days. I grilled steaks, had pasta salad, and green beens, made a summer drink out of ginger ale and sherbet. We went to the G-ma's condo community's pool party. They had catered foods, free frozen mint martinis, and a great dj. The dj was fantastic. It was sunny and hot, and the party was fun. O had two martinis and they were just perfect in the hot sun. It was old people and the other side of the community is young so it was good mix of old and young. There was seriously more old people though! The few 20 somethings in the pool I sort of felt sorry for them. But they said they LOVE the community and floorplans... I'm always realtoring...

OK, so then we watched the soccer game. Sort of fun-but USA lost so, you was only sort of fun. Then we saw the Tom Cruise movie, Knight and Day. I super loved it. I want to see it again. Since it was Movie Tavern we ate dinner during the movie. Oh, we sat in broken chairs so John made the manager gives up free food and drinks! The movie goot bad reviews in the papers, but so what. I loved it! Tom Cruise was great. Maybe he took acting lessons? Then we had a fire in the back yard and looked at the moon through the telescope.

Sunday we worshipped at my very favorite TV preacher's church. I am sooooo glad we did. I needed to be around people who have Faith and really don't care what you think about their Faith, but they do care about you deeply. They just aren't going to apologize for believing God is super, supernatural. I love the hyperness there.

Then I did an open house...... (Becca and John successfully shopped)

Then we toured The OSU student union with John and Olin and Sam (and the library top floor) again. The new union is sweet (but I miss the old). It felt like OSU is a legitimate school with the new union. (but I still miss the old one)

Then they drove into the sunrise Monday morning.... and that's that.

Big deal is this: I bought a brand new Hyundai Sante Fe. I like it....

To Da Lou