Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Realtor Care Day

Here is a small group of us agents, title reps, property inspectors, and lenders who showed up to paint picnic tables to beautify the city's park.
Here's Jeff, a Re/Max agent, and Judy, a fellow Real Living. Both of these guys are very successful and I'm proud to be associated with them.

Here's our Prez on the left, ReMax, and then a loan officer, and then a Coldwell Banker agent, Kathy. Kathy just listed over 7 million dollars of lake front real estate. Go Kathy.
Then after we were finished with all 7 shelter houses, we realized all the paint had washed off every single table due to sideways blowing rain. As we went around and saw our hard work in puddles on the cement ground in every shelter, I said, "This is just like the Real Estate business. You work your ass off for free, and then all your work melts into an ugly puddle and you stuck mopping up the mess." Everyone agreed with me.

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