Monday, June 21, 2010

My Birthday, Father's Day & Home Repairs

It's now 4 am . yesterday was father's day. It was ok. I gave Mr. Seriously Though a drill thing that also screws and he seemed happy with it. Becca arrived from FL at 2:00 am. Sam took over Becca's room and for some reason that seemed to make everyone feel disjoined (except Sam of course) My birthday was ok. what I wanted was to work on my landscaping since all I do is work RE (seriously) so that's what I did, I worked on my landscaping and it looks pretty good I must say. I was exhausted when it was done and the shower floor was literally black with dirt afterward. Yes, that job made me happy. Then mexicans came and fixed my siding on my house. We didn't go to church and that is still making me sad. I wish I'd a gone
Tomorrow some white guys come to do foundation repair on my basement and some soil work on the side of the house. I can't wait for them to get here actually. I hope the repair turns out the way want it to.

I have a listing on tour in the morning, but RE has been absolutely dead. I have friends going on listing appointments, but hello, we don't need Sellers, we need buyers! The open house I had where 80 people came? Not one of the units sold as a result. Those condos are priced below 1997 prices! Noone is getting showings, and I mean no one. So, I have more time for housework projects. It's good thing I was so busy the first four months, so I have a little cushion. But if I have another 30 days without any in contracts I have to go find gainful employment. I have no choice. Ohio has 11 percent unemployment. I usually look at it as 90 percent employed, but no in contracts in the pipeline freaks me out a bit.

To Da Lou,

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  1. "Sam took over Becca's room and for some reason that seemed to make everyone feel disjoined (except Sam of course)" hahaha

    "Mr. Seriously Though" I like that, cute.
    Wish I could be there while becca's home!