Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hello, my followers. All 3 of you! It's glorious outside for Ohio, like a medditerean day. Before I go push mow my quarter acre of the earth I wanted to say 'Hi" and update a little.

Saturday I had an open house for this absolutely adorable little house in my neighborhood. The owners worked so hard and it looks like one million dollars just sitting there ready for someone to take it. Alas, not a single solitary soul showed up in the entire time. I was still dealing a bit with the headache and napped a wee bit I'm ashamed to say. I checked with the showing service and showing requests are more than cut in half from a month ago. poopy.

Then Sunday the three of us went to the church I don't want to name on the internet. Sam didn't complain about it, and I wanted to go to so we did. It was nice to see old faces, and hug a few people. We all left feeling lost. I'd rather be lost and in love, than found by that which is temporal.

Then I went to Worthington for another open house. This condo is for people over 55 years old. I stood in high heals for four hours and greeted over 80 people! Hopefully this place will be sold soon. It deserves a new owner to come and love in it. My feet were killing me when I got home. It was reminiscent of a retail job at Christmas time.

The evening was spent at my mom's condo eating pizza and hanging her art work in her new place.

Today I spent a few hours teaching Sam some of my trade. It was kind of hard, to be honest. My goal is to have him doing the 50 million hours of computer work I do, so I can be doing what brings me money: meeting and talking to people.

Take care, my Darlings. Be thankful for and treasure what you have.

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