Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Had an I Heart Huccabees Moment

I had a coincidence this evening. Three of them.

First I pulled into the golf course parking lot and noticed this SUV with a huge yellow kayak on top. I said, "neato, those people know what heaven is like. First you go kayaking and then you go golfing."

Later in the evening around 9:30 I pulled into the gym parking lot. How weird is that? There's that same SUV with the kayak parked in the gym parking lot!

Then, about 15 minutes ago as I was driving home past the carryout and stopped at the red light, there was that same SUV with the Kayak AGAIN right next to me!

That is three coincidences in just three hours time. I wonder what it means.


  1. i heart that movie.
    those are strange coincidences!

  2. I heart that movie too.
    I thought it was strange, too, until I realized that the golf course, the gym, and the carryout are all on the same road. hmmm.