Monday, June 21, 2010

My Birthday, Father's Day & Home Repairs

It's now 4 am . yesterday was father's day. It was ok. I gave Mr. Seriously Though a drill thing that also screws and he seemed happy with it. Becca arrived from FL at 2:00 am. Sam took over Becca's room and for some reason that seemed to make everyone feel disjoined (except Sam of course) My birthday was ok. what I wanted was to work on my landscaping since all I do is work RE (seriously) so that's what I did, I worked on my landscaping and it looks pretty good I must say. I was exhausted when it was done and the shower floor was literally black with dirt afterward. Yes, that job made me happy. Then mexicans came and fixed my siding on my house. We didn't go to church and that is still making me sad. I wish I'd a gone
Tomorrow some white guys come to do foundation repair on my basement and some soil work on the side of the house. I can't wait for them to get here actually. I hope the repair turns out the way want it to.

I have a listing on tour in the morning, but RE has been absolutely dead. I have friends going on listing appointments, but hello, we don't need Sellers, we need buyers! The open house I had where 80 people came? Not one of the units sold as a result. Those condos are priced below 1997 prices! Noone is getting showings, and I mean no one. So, I have more time for housework projects. It's good thing I was so busy the first four months, so I have a little cushion. But if I have another 30 days without any in contracts I have to go find gainful employment. I have no choice. Ohio has 11 percent unemployment. I usually look at it as 90 percent employed, but no in contracts in the pipeline freaks me out a bit.

To Da Lou,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Decorating Torture

I found this article while searching for some tips on decorating a coffee table. It describes exactly what I have been going through for the past 1 1/2 hours this morning! When I have business to attend to. When I have out of town guests to feed. When I need to exercise.

Why am I trying to decorate a coffee table? I had Olin take an old coffee table out of a spare bedroom and asked him to take it to the basement to hide. I hadn't had the courage to donate this table or put it out by the street for someone to grab. It's a Pennsylvania House Queen Anne style coffee table. Since it's solid cherry and not the fake stuff, I had a hard time parting with it. But it's ugly. When I came in the front door last night after showing houses, surprise! There was the coffee table in the living room in front of the contempary, Italian, chocolate brown settee. They don't really go together. Yet somehow it kinda looked OK. The coffee table had been hidden in the spare bedroom for about four years.

Emerging in the living room made me think. Distracted me from business. Distracted me from the 2 mile walk I need to get in this morning and the 10 mintue Total Gym workout. Distracted me from the grocery list. Here's the article, and I love it. It's exactly how I feel. Right now my coffe table looks like a total dork with a book about Ohio lying in it's side, and a ceramic cardinal bird and cermaic Loraine, OH lighthouse sitting on top of it. (Get the theme?) However, it looks like I did that. That's why designer's charge $350 an hour!

In addition to the Dallas paper article, here's a blog post about coffee tables from one of my fav decorating bloggers:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Realtor Care Day

Here is a small group of us agents, title reps, property inspectors, and lenders who showed up to paint picnic tables to beautify the city's park.
Here's Jeff, a Re/Max agent, and Judy, a fellow Real Living. Both of these guys are very successful and I'm proud to be associated with them.

Here's our Prez on the left, ReMax, and then a loan officer, and then a Coldwell Banker agent, Kathy. Kathy just listed over 7 million dollars of lake front real estate. Go Kathy.
Then after we were finished with all 7 shelter houses, we realized all the paint had washed off every single table due to sideways blowing rain. As we went around and saw our hard work in puddles on the cement ground in every shelter, I said, "This is just like the Real Estate business. You work your ass off for free, and then all your work melts into an ugly puddle and you stuck mopping up the mess." Everyone agreed with me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Had an I Heart Huccabees Moment

I had a coincidence this evening. Three of them.

First I pulled into the golf course parking lot and noticed this SUV with a huge yellow kayak on top. I said, "neato, those people know what heaven is like. First you go kayaking and then you go golfing."

Later in the evening around 9:30 I pulled into the gym parking lot. How weird is that? There's that same SUV with the kayak parked in the gym parking lot!

Then, about 15 minutes ago as I was driving home past the carryout and stopped at the red light, there was that same SUV with the Kayak AGAIN right next to me!

That is three coincidences in just three hours time. I wonder what it means.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hello, my followers. All 3 of you! It's glorious outside for Ohio, like a medditerean day. Before I go push mow my quarter acre of the earth I wanted to say 'Hi" and update a little.

Saturday I had an open house for this absolutely adorable little house in my neighborhood. The owners worked so hard and it looks like one million dollars just sitting there ready for someone to take it. Alas, not a single solitary soul showed up in the entire time. I was still dealing a bit with the headache and napped a wee bit I'm ashamed to say. I checked with the showing service and showing requests are more than cut in half from a month ago. poopy.

Then Sunday the three of us went to the church I don't want to name on the internet. Sam didn't complain about it, and I wanted to go to so we did. It was nice to see old faces, and hug a few people. We all left feeling lost. I'd rather be lost and in love, than found by that which is temporal.

Then I went to Worthington for another open house. This condo is for people over 55 years old. I stood in high heals for four hours and greeted over 80 people! Hopefully this place will be sold soon. It deserves a new owner to come and love in it. My feet were killing me when I got home. It was reminiscent of a retail job at Christmas time.

The evening was spent at my mom's condo eating pizza and hanging her art work in her new place.

Today I spent a few hours teaching Sam some of my trade. It was kind of hard, to be honest. My goal is to have him doing the 50 million hours of computer work I do, so I can be doing what brings me money: meeting and talking to people.

Take care, my Darlings. Be thankful for and treasure what you have.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've got another headache and it hurts bad. It doesn't hurt good. BAD.
I could blog a book about this chronic pain that robs my life every month for a week.
I have suffered at the hands of doctors. I don't much like doctors, and I don't much have good luck with them.
I did work today a little. One thing about being a Realtor, I can conduct 80% of my business from my bed wearing an old t-shirt and ugly sweat pants, no make-up and messy hair.

So I've been hanging out in blogger world for a few days when Im not working. Here is a blog site I found that I like. The writing is fun. I don't know how to do that fancy thing where you write "here" and it's a link.

Blogger world has inspired me to focus on my writing. But I need money, so I have to focus on real estate.

To Da Lou.