Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I came back Florida and I felt physically run down. I didn't feel sick or anything, just incredibly tired. I should never have gone to the Real Living HER awards party, but I did. The band was hot and played lots of 70's motown and it would have been a blast dancing if I didn't feel so tired. I was dancing with a bunch of 40-60 year old women agents when some big guys from back stage came up to us. They looked important and they had ear communicators on. Where are you from? Come with us please, this will be fun we promise! They whisked down a dark hall back stage and all the ladies asked, "where are they taking us?" And I answered, "I'm pretty sure they're taking us to the Girls Gone Wild bus!"

Instead, they took us on stage and had us sing R E S P E C T and honestly, I didn't know the words to it. It was a little weird and embarrassing.

The next night I had to do a bowling fundraiser with the Hilliard Area agents. It would have been fun, but I was so doggone tired. Bowling is a fun sport. What other athletic endeavor can you sit around and eat pizza, potatoe chips, beer, and laugh at your friends? You can't do that playing basketball or running a marathon. Yes, bowling is the sport for me. I got pulled over by a police officer for "texting" even though I wasn't texting. He demanded to see my phone and started screaming at me and telling me I was liar. That was really strange.

Meanwhile, I listed a cute house in my neighborhood on Monday, got into contract last week on two homes. This week and next week will be property inspections, and working out all the repairs needed on the two houses.

The main goal of this week is to carve out time to reconnect with five past clients.


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