Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dancin con't

Here is an interesting update from my last post.
I got off the stoop without a real direction as to where to go to church. So, by default Sam said let's go to Presbyterian church (which meant no jeans). So we got gussied up and hopped in the SUV. Just as we did I got a call from a friend. In a breathless voice she said, "You need to go to Vineyard in Grove City to church and hurry it starts in 15 minutes. I am 98% sure God just told me to call you and tell you this."
Well, I doubted God told her this. I don't want to put anyone down but I'm not a fan of Grove City. We'd been to that Vineyard a few times and it, you know, it was OK. Sam said what do you have to lose if we go there? Both churches are pretty much boring. So zoomed onto the freeway at the very last second.
A thought came to me. Didn't I ask God where to go to church just 30 minutes ago on my back stoop? Maybe He did tell my friend to call me, since I'm a snob and had written off Grove City. I opened my mind.
It was God. It was really God. It was totally God.
Sam told me it was THE best sermon he has ever heard. It's stuff I figured out on my Faith journey and in fact, it is the stuff that prompted me to fall off the ride in the first place.
The whole sermon can be summed up in this: LOVE is the answer to everything

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  1. Samuel seem so in tune to God sometimes it's almost scary.

    Glad you enjoyed it. My neigbhors used to go there.