Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wisdom or Unbelief?

This quote from Bill Johnson totally explains me:

quote: In the church "unbelief" is called "wisdom"

This is my situation: I haven't found a place in church because it's hard to have unbelief coughed all over my Faith. I guess I found it easier to withdraw from church in order to hold onto my Faith. However, this isn't a Biblical response, as Jesus said that the church is HIS body. Somehow mysteriously when you are with a group of believers there HE IS among us. Not just is HE among us, WE are HIM.

It is a mystery. Yet I have experienced the mystery. It is wonderful. The presence of Jesus is the sweetest sweetest precense I know. I have basked in His affection in a quiet and lonely place. I have been Still and Known God in a corportate place full of worshippers. Each are glorious moments. The corportate experience is a different experience of HIM from the quiet, lonely experience. Then there is the friend to friend experience, and the small church community experience. These are sweet, nurturing experiences, too. Where the Spirit of God flows freely between, building tight bonds that can't be broken.

When believers stop living from their heads, and start walking in Faith crazy things can happen. It's hard to say exactly what will happen, but something is likely to happen! Because the church fears man and what man thinks they are afraid to allow Faith in. So many are afraid to let the Lion of Judah out of his cage. What will a wild Lion do in our tidy little sanctuary? We may be devoured. Oh, yes, to be pounced upon by a giant, wild lion. Whoa is me! I'm a dead man! Yet, that is when we truly start living!

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