Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had this weird experience Friday. I received a phone call while driving in my car. "Seriously Though, I'm soooooo sorry I didn't call sooner! I have your camera and shoes!" It was another real estate agent from a different broker on the other line. She and I had been at a scholarship fundraiser at the bowling alley. That was the last I saw the camera.

Wow! How awesome. This is a good day for me, I told her. She had picked them up at the alley. Not sure who they belonged to, but she thought they were mine. Then she got the association newsletter, which I write, and I had written that that my camera was missing, etc. Ok. Good. I was really happy. That was answered prayer. I had prayed in the morning on my way to do real estate that my camera would be found! Amen.

SECONDS LATER. I do mean "seconds" after I hang up, my phone rings again. "Hello," I say as I navigate a 5 speed through an intersection, turning the wheel with my elbow, holding the phone with that hand, and shifting with the other. (see why I got pulled over for texting, even though I wasn't texting?) "Hello Mrs Seriously Though, we are sooooooo sorry it has taken us this long to inform you that we have found your missing commission check from September, 2009." Wow! I had completely given up ever getting that check replaced! I had called, I had emailed, and I had called my sales rep twice. Nope. It wasn't gonna happen. The lady with the little Cuban accent tells me further, "we are the accounting department and we noticed today that your check had not been cashed, so we assumed you never received it." Hurray! This is a good day. I am so happy. The lost commission check has been found.

That was weird. It all happened within seconds, and it was the day that Lost Things were Found!
Then immediately following I pulled up to my house, ran inside, to tear the place apart to try and "find" my real estate license. The department of HUD needed it before 4:00 pm, and it was getting close! Yikes. Where is it? Where did I put it? I prayed while I opened filing cabinets, and started to dig into cardboard boxes. An a m a z i n g memory filled my mind and I stood up. "My broker has my license! Of course, that's the law!" I call my manager and "yes," she has my license in her desk drawer. My lost license is found! I arrived at the department of HUD at 10 minutes to 4:00 pm! I was having a good day.

Then, I was invited to a party to celebrate a family event with a important friend in my life. I was touched. It has been a long time since I had a personal invite to a family thing of hers. Time had gotten between us. Something like 19 years. We hugged. I brought photos from 30 and 20 years ago of our weddings, and babies, and other stuff we had done together. I visited with her brother over vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and it felt like high school and college days again. Nothing really different. How is that? I was having a good day.

That was a full day of my Lost Things Found.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wisdom or Unbelief?

This quote from Bill Johnson totally explains me:

quote: In the church "unbelief" is called "wisdom"

This is my situation: I haven't found a place in church because it's hard to have unbelief coughed all over my Faith. I guess I found it easier to withdraw from church in order to hold onto my Faith. However, this isn't a Biblical response, as Jesus said that the church is HIS body. Somehow mysteriously when you are with a group of believers there HE IS among us. Not just is HE among us, WE are HIM.

It is a mystery. Yet I have experienced the mystery. It is wonderful. The presence of Jesus is the sweetest sweetest precense I know. I have basked in His affection in a quiet and lonely place. I have been Still and Known God in a corportate place full of worshippers. Each are glorious moments. The corportate experience is a different experience of HIM from the quiet, lonely experience. Then there is the friend to friend experience, and the small church community experience. These are sweet, nurturing experiences, too. Where the Spirit of God flows freely between, building tight bonds that can't be broken.

When believers stop living from their heads, and start walking in Faith crazy things can happen. It's hard to say exactly what will happen, but something is likely to happen! Because the church fears man and what man thinks they are afraid to allow Faith in. So many are afraid to let the Lion of Judah out of his cage. What will a wild Lion do in our tidy little sanctuary? We may be devoured. Oh, yes, to be pounced upon by a giant, wild lion. Whoa is me! I'm a dead man! Yet, that is when we truly start living!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Becca Graduates April 30, 2010

We journeyed to Florida on horseback. Just kidding. That's us riding off into the sunset on Amelia Island.

This is us after we picked up Rachael from the airport. We went to Sliders on Ferdinand Beach. I recommend it. Picnic tables outside. Buckets of stuff, like shrimp, oysters, and beer.

This was after the horseback riding on Amelia Island. We were in a little town, but I can't remember it's name. It was shrimpfest. It was fun.

This is us right before we went into the Arena for the ceremony. Becca could spot us in the stands and we did a great job embarrassing her!

This is the three siblings. Note: Osprey in the background.

And here she is. The reason for the trip. A college graduate!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lost Camera

I have lost my camera. I have lost my bowling shoes, too. I left the bowling alley and I think I had them when I left. Then that police officer screamed at me and I got all flustered. Now I can't find my camera and I need it for work. Also, all the photos I took in Florida at the graduation are still in that camera. I probably won't bowl for another year or two or three. But, still, I want my bowling shoes! I am very sad. I have to spend money on a camera now instead of on some really cute shoes and a good haircut. Frowney face. Poor me. Have you ever lost anything that you wish you still had, but you can replace? Not like a lost love or pet, those can't be replaced.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I came back Florida and I felt physically run down. I didn't feel sick or anything, just incredibly tired. I should never have gone to the Real Living HER awards party, but I did. The band was hot and played lots of 70's motown and it would have been a blast dancing if I didn't feel so tired. I was dancing with a bunch of 40-60 year old women agents when some big guys from back stage came up to us. They looked important and they had ear communicators on. Where are you from? Come with us please, this will be fun we promise! They whisked down a dark hall back stage and all the ladies asked, "where are they taking us?" And I answered, "I'm pretty sure they're taking us to the Girls Gone Wild bus!"

Instead, they took us on stage and had us sing R E S P E C T and honestly, I didn't know the words to it. It was a little weird and embarrassing.

The next night I had to do a bowling fundraiser with the Hilliard Area agents. It would have been fun, but I was so doggone tired. Bowling is a fun sport. What other athletic endeavor can you sit around and eat pizza, potatoe chips, beer, and laugh at your friends? You can't do that playing basketball or running a marathon. Yes, bowling is the sport for me. I got pulled over by a police officer for "texting" even though I wasn't texting. He demanded to see my phone and started screaming at me and telling me I was liar. That was really strange.

Meanwhile, I listed a cute house in my neighborhood on Monday, got into contract last week on two homes. This week and next week will be property inspections, and working out all the repairs needed on the two houses.

The main goal of this week is to carve out time to reconnect with five past clients.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been in this mood where I want to call everyone, "Darling" in such a way that makes the ordinary life task sound so mysterious and important.
"Hello Darling. Can you pick up that candy wrapper on the floor, Darling."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dancin con't

Here is an interesting update from my last post.
I got off the stoop without a real direction as to where to go to church. So, by default Sam said let's go to Presbyterian church (which meant no jeans). So we got gussied up and hopped in the SUV. Just as we did I got a call from a friend. In a breathless voice she said, "You need to go to Vineyard in Grove City to church and hurry it starts in 15 minutes. I am 98% sure God just told me to call you and tell you this."
Well, I doubted God told her this. I don't want to put anyone down but I'm not a fan of Grove City. We'd been to that Vineyard a few times and it, you know, it was OK. Sam said what do you have to lose if we go there? Both churches are pretty much boring. So zoomed onto the freeway at the very last second.
A thought came to me. Didn't I ask God where to go to church just 30 minutes ago on my back stoop? Maybe He did tell my friend to call me, since I'm a snob and had written off Grove City. I opened my mind.
It was God. It was really God. It was totally God.
Sam told me it was THE best sermon he has ever heard. It's stuff I figured out on my Faith journey and in fact, it is the stuff that prompted me to fall off the ride in the first place.
The whole sermon can be summed up in this: LOVE is the answer to everything