Monday, April 26, 2010

You've Got a New Way of Dancin

Remember a year ago I felt like God was speaking to me through old 70's music? First it was the Flashdance song, "Oh what a feeling, Here's believing" And then it was a Cheap Trick song, "I want you to want me"

OK, so yesterday morning I was on my neurotic "where do you want me to go to church?" whine to God that I have been on now for years. Yes, a week turned to two weeks, turned to a month, turned to two months, turned to a year.. how many years is it now? You get the idea.

So I got real quiet, and blocked out the sound of the birds as I sat on my back stoop on Sunday morning. I had to work very hard to not hear the birds, or be distracted. I had to work at quieting my own mind and my own thoughts and not focus on my envirnonment. When I got as quiet in my head and soul as I could possibly get, I asked God to answer me this question, "did I make a mistake and miss it by not going to that church (don't want to say on internet) Do You want me to go there?" and then I listened for an answer.

And then I heard this song, "You've got a new way of walking. You got a new way of talking. You've got the better of ME. " Those aren't the real lyrics to that song, but I heard these words to that tune. It made me smile. I felt like God was saying that since I fell off the ride and started this other journey, a journey where I'm lost and have no idea the way to get found, that He is happy with me. That I trust Him more, I have more Faith, I am more confident in Truth and in my own God-inspired destiny to rule and reign in life.

Father Abraham headed out and he had no idea where he was going. He heard the voice of God and he obeyed. I sometimes wonder if he was just crazy.

Here is a quote from my favorite TV pastor: "When a Word from God is given, Reason is never required. Faith and Faith alone must answer that door." :)

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