Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

A trip was made to northern Ohio to celebrate Easter with Olin's mom and brother. His first cousin and his wife from his dad's side came for a visit too.

We went to Methodist church.
Samuel comment the pastor was trying very hard to introduce the Holy Spirit to the congregation so that they could feel Him, but only a few people really understood what he was trying to do. I could tell the pastor had a quandry. He wants and needs to obey the Holy Spirit, but how does one introduce a spirit of worship and praise in the Holy Spirit with so many unopened hearts? I give the pastor an A. Maybe a B+. He has such an important job and I'm glad he is trying to live up to the call. Baby steps are needed there. What a hard job. At least the service explained in no uncertain terms exactly what Jesus came to do, what He did, and what we can do in response.
It was really a beautiful service.

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    Glad you guys made it, you look pretty :)
    and Grandma looks fabulous as usual