Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost Agent of the Month

The month of March was a month ago.
It was a wild month of work for me, some of which I spewed about on here. Some of the spewing remained in Draft form! I had so many closings, had so many listings, and so many new contracts written I was sure I'd be agent of the month. I don't have an assistant, and the other agents have multiple assistants. And yet I was certain I had to have won.
Week two of April and The Tally never came. I got antsy. Weel Three passes. Nothing. I didn't want to say something to my manager and sound like I actually "cared" if I won the parking spot and my name in the paper. (I did care. Picture Squiworth hoping) Why hadn't they posted the winner and sent out the congradulatory email? The only month I win and they are going to ignore me? (Squidworth visual again)
Then at the sales meeting it was announced. J J won with their 7 sales agent assistants! Oh, and JM came in second with their 9 sales agents assistants... oh, and Brenda, I wish to acknowledge you, you came in third. (my sweet manager smiled)

Yeah, whatever. PFFFFFLLLL. It doesn't matter. I made more money in March than I have in half a year before, so it's all good. Yeah for me.

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  1. wow mom I didn't know that you did that well...congrats!