Friday, April 2, 2010

80 Degrees and Sunny

It was time for that snow photo to go. It's been 80 degrees and sunny. I've been inside though. Frantic. Phoning. Emailing. Defending myself. Threating lawsuits.
Everything ugly about real estate has happened to me. I'm sure there is uglier stuff. In fact I know people murdered over real esate deals. So I guess it's not that bad.
I have two in contract and it has been an all day phone, phone, call the manager, phone, phone.
I really wish some days I worked on a farm. How hard could it be to just pick vegetables all darn day in the hot sun?

Good bye to the coldness. I already miss you. When these clamoring demands and screaming shrews come knocking on my door, I don't want it sunny outside. I want it gloomy, cold, and yucky, so I can snuggle up with an adult beverage and a blanket and hideout.


  1. ooooooh now I get why you like cold weather! haha I miss it too now actually - Christmas was a great time of year!