Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost Agent of the Month

The month of March was a month ago.
It was a wild month of work for me, some of which I spewed about on here. Some of the spewing remained in Draft form! I had so many closings, had so many listings, and so many new contracts written I was sure I'd be agent of the month. I don't have an assistant, and the other agents have multiple assistants. And yet I was certain I had to have won.
Week two of April and The Tally never came. I got antsy. Weel Three passes. Nothing. I didn't want to say something to my manager and sound like I actually "cared" if I won the parking spot and my name in the paper. (I did care. Picture Squiworth hoping) Why hadn't they posted the winner and sent out the congradulatory email? The only month I win and they are going to ignore me? (Squidworth visual again)
Then at the sales meeting it was announced. J J won with their 7 sales agent assistants! Oh, and JM came in second with their 9 sales agents assistants... oh, and Brenda, I wish to acknowledge you, you came in third. (my sweet manager smiled)

Yeah, whatever. PFFFFFLLLL. It doesn't matter. I made more money in March than I have in half a year before, so it's all good. Yeah for me.

You've Got a New Way of Dancin

Remember a year ago I felt like God was speaking to me through old 70's music? First it was the Flashdance song, "Oh what a feeling, Here's believing" And then it was a Cheap Trick song, "I want you to want me"

OK, so yesterday morning I was on my neurotic "where do you want me to go to church?" whine to God that I have been on now for years. Yes, a week turned to two weeks, turned to a month, turned to two months, turned to a year.. how many years is it now? You get the idea.

So I got real quiet, and blocked out the sound of the birds as I sat on my back stoop on Sunday morning. I had to work very hard to not hear the birds, or be distracted. I had to work at quieting my own mind and my own thoughts and not focus on my envirnonment. When I got as quiet in my head and soul as I could possibly get, I asked God to answer me this question, "did I make a mistake and miss it by not going to that church (don't want to say on internet) Do You want me to go there?" and then I listened for an answer.

And then I heard this song, "You've got a new way of walking. You got a new way of talking. You've got the better of ME. " Those aren't the real lyrics to that song, but I heard these words to that tune. It made me smile. I felt like God was saying that since I fell off the ride and started this other journey, a journey where I'm lost and have no idea the way to get found, that He is happy with me. That I trust Him more, I have more Faith, I am more confident in Truth and in my own God-inspired destiny to rule and reign in life.

Father Abraham headed out and he had no idea where he was going. He heard the voice of God and he obeyed. I sometimes wonder if he was just crazy.

Here is a quote from my favorite TV pastor: "When a Word from God is given, Reason is never required. Faith and Faith alone must answer that door." :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tough Day

Here's what the table next to couch looks like. I had a wearing, trying day. Lot's of anxiety. I couldn't get through the day without my friends. I called my praying friends, and they all encouraged me to "Be anxious for nothing," and to "cast all your cares upon God, for he cares for you," and they all encouraged me that what went down today wasn't my responsiblity, but to turn it over to God.

So, the end of the work day has come, and I've made a fresh pot of coffe. I put some caramel flavor in my coffe that Becca gave me for Christmas. I pulled a box of Ginger Snaps out of the pantry, grabbed my cellie in case a friend calls. Now I'm watching the Incredible Hulk on Retro TV.

Life is good. I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sunday service in the LaPorte Methodist Church included the pastor's sermon, "Do you Believe in Miracles?" His sermon was very bold, I felt, for a Methodist. He gave four modern day miracles and asked, "do you believe in miracles." By modern, I mean within the past three years.
He encouraged people to pray in faith.

Yesterday, I had a property inspection with a family for the farm they are buying. The buyer's brother told a story from his own Vineyard church service in C-Bus the day before. Upon arriving at church an acquaintence told him he had been in severe back pain for weeks, and could not move, sit, bend, or sleep. At the end of the service the pastor invited people to come to the front for prayer for any need and even healing. The pastor's wife came up to the the brother and asked if would pray for people as there were so many up front to pray for. The broher felt the desire to pray for the man with the back pain and looked for him. He saw the man go forward and the pastor walked up to the guy and started praying for him. The brother still felt he wanted to pray for the man, but the pastor was up there. What would the pastor think? "Hey, go get your own guy to pray for..." ?? He finally gave in to the "pull" and went up to pray for the guy.
Get this. The Guy's eyes were shut. He didn't see the brother walk up. The brother started praying and the pastor decided to walk away and pray for someone else at that point. The brother felt specifically he should put his hand on the guys lower back, and when he did so, the brother said he felt such a flow of power go through his body and hands and out of him and he knew the guy was healed, but didn't say anything to the guy. The service ended. They went their way. The brother kept thinking about this, and thinking, "he had to have been healed, but you'd think he'd let me know if had been."

While we were at the farm the brother got a cell phone call and he went outside to take the call. On the phone was the guy with the back pain. He told the brother that when he was in the back of the church and the pastor invited people forward he thought "If B--- prays for me I will be healed." So, he walked up front, but the pastor came up to him to pray for him. He thought, "darn, I wanted B--- to pray for me" and was disappointed but closed his eyes to receive prayer anyway. He told the brother that while he had his eyes closed suddenly the pastor's voice changed to B---'s voice! He said when the brother put his hand on the guy's lower back he felt intense heat and sensations in his back. After the service, he went to get his child from the nursery and without even thinking bent down and picked up his child! He realize, "wow! I have been completely healed." He told the brother he has been completely pain free, and able to fully move, and sleep for the first time in weeks!

Do you believe in miracles?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

A trip was made to northern Ohio to celebrate Easter with Olin's mom and brother. His first cousin and his wife from his dad's side came for a visit too.

We went to Methodist church.
Samuel comment the pastor was trying very hard to introduce the Holy Spirit to the congregation so that they could feel Him, but only a few people really understood what he was trying to do. I could tell the pastor had a quandry. He wants and needs to obey the Holy Spirit, but how does one introduce a spirit of worship and praise in the Holy Spirit with so many unopened hearts? I give the pastor an A. Maybe a B+. He has such an important job and I'm glad he is trying to live up to the call. Baby steps are needed there. What a hard job. At least the service explained in no uncertain terms exactly what Jesus came to do, what He did, and what we can do in response.
It was really a beautiful service.

Friday, April 2, 2010

80 Degrees and Sunny

It was time for that snow photo to go. It's been 80 degrees and sunny. I've been inside though. Frantic. Phoning. Emailing. Defending myself. Threating lawsuits.
Everything ugly about real estate has happened to me. I'm sure there is uglier stuff. In fact I know people murdered over real esate deals. So I guess it's not that bad.
I have two in contract and it has been an all day phone, phone, call the manager, phone, phone.
I really wish some days I worked on a farm. How hard could it be to just pick vegetables all darn day in the hot sun?

Good bye to the coldness. I already miss you. When these clamoring demands and screaming shrews come knocking on my door, I don't want it sunny outside. I want it gloomy, cold, and yucky, so I can snuggle up with an adult beverage and a blanket and hideout.