Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is Like a Book

I'm helping a gal who is selling her house that is in foreclosure. To avoid bieng on the sheriff's auction block we got the house sold and short sale approved. She's going from a 4 bedroom 2 bath home with a backyard, great deck, swinset to a 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom. She has two kids.
Her daughter is excited about moving into an apartment the way only an 8 year old can be. She asked her mom, "Do you want to move Mom?" I love how the mom answered and I'm adopting this attitude. She told her daughter "you know how books have chapters and different things happen in each chapter? Well, this is like a new chapter in the book." Her daughter liked that analogy. In this chapter they're moving from a big house to a small apartment.
I decided to look at my life like this. this is what's going on in the chapter right now...It might not be good, but with resolve and determination it can be satisfying.


  1. Nice story :) Funny how apartment life is exciting for a kid. I think as an 8 year old I would have thought the same thing.

  2. I like really is like a book and it's funny because I think of life that way too, sometimes I think about how a narrator would describe what I'm doing when I'm bored

  3. LOL. I know, Jen. At 8 I thought it would be cool to live in a barn with no running water. Rachael did you see the movie Holiday when the narrator describes Cameron Diaz's life? funny.