Friday, March 12, 2010

Brainless is Back a Month Later

OK, I really want to blog something! Time is screaming at me, "Get to the office right now!"
I have been very busy. I have six in contract and five to close by March 31st! One of those transactions caused me a great deal of anxiety and I got sick from worry over it. I was so sick for about a week, but still threw myself through the day get work done. I actually managed to get 3 trips to the pool in, too. (One of those pool trips I ended biking instead of swimming)

It's time to change the photo here as the snow is almsot gone, and I'm pretty sure it's gone for good. My one anxious-producing transaction is still crawling along with jeopardy all over it, so I don't know what will actually happen by March 31st. We'll see.

Becca graduates in a month or so, so I need to plan a Florida trip very soon.

Samuel got his temporary driving permit and he feels very happy about it.

I have oodles of real estate to do, and what I really want to do is ...


Got to go, much love,

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