Sunday, February 7, 2010


The reason I haven't blogged in awhile is because I'm so creative I have too many ideas swirling around in my head. It's why I burn food when I cook. Today I went to my mom's church for their 50th anniversary. Before I left I created a pot of stew by throwing together ingredients like beef, barley, jalepeno's, diced tomatoes, onions, about 10 cloves of garlic, beer. Honestly, I can't remember what went in there. At 11 o'clock I left the house and totally forgot the stove was cooking a pot of food on med/hi temp. It was only suppose to cook about 40 minutes. It was a few hours before I came home. Yes, I do things like this. I do them because I'm lost in my wonderful ideas.

My ideas are so plentiful, I can't get them down on my blog in an organized way. Procrastinator!

Side note: the broth I was going to put into the pot had an expiration date of 11/2007. Ha ha. Can you believe that was in my pantry? The barley box said 2001! Food Hoarder!

Another reason I haven't written is because I joined a success group at the office. I'm very happy about this group of 6 gals and 1 guy. As a salesman (ok, saleswoman) I have no officemates or commraderie. It's just me and my sea of contacts and people temporarily involved in my life for each deal. (not mention my sea of wonderful ideas). These are loan officers, title clerks, co-op brokers, inspectors, handymen, etc. When the deal is done, I don't interact with these folks anymore. Though I'm constantly running from one spinning plate to the other spinning plate, like a circus performer, I'm not connected with anyone. This succuss group meets once a week with the common goal to cheer each other on. In my business I am faced with much opposition and negativity. This group is an oasis of happy thoughts and collective brainwashing. We tell ourselves, "All will be well. All is well."

(That's actually a calming thing to tell yourself, by the way. "All will be well. All is well" Try it. You'll be glad you did.)

Brainwashing only works if practiced regularly. This group is committed. As a result we all have business we're working on! No one is stuck. Business is falling out of the sky, literally. It's refreshing. So, between the new listings, and buyers, and activities involved in selling houses (getting photos, making postcards, hiring handymen, arguing with attorneys, etc) I've been busy with the required homework in my Power Lunch group. Thus, no blogging of late.

My goals for this group are to go on at least one listing appointment each week. So far, I've had 1 a week, and I just made another appointment for new listing! So far so good.

Blogging Brainless - That's all for now


  1. I'm so glad you're group is working for you!

  2. thank you! I hope this snow mess doesn't halt the momentum

  3. hahah I love that you go to a "brainwashing" group! I like reading your blog because all I do is talk about my life and here I can read about yours!