Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why You Should Buy A House

If you're able to pay rent, you have a steady job, and you have a few thousand dollars sitting around, you should buy a house. I recommend a house over a condo, but that is for another post. There's some problems with condos and I'll explain that someday.

Reason #1 Uncle Sam is going to give you, yes, give you, and I mean GIVE YOU either $8000 OR $6500 in CASH! If you haven't owned real estate in the past three years and you don't make a ridiculous income, you will get check from IRS for $8,000. If you have lived in the house you own for the past 5 years, and you don't make a ridiculous income, you'll get a check for $6500 when you buy another house to live in!

Reason#2 Prices are silly low right now. Houses are selling (with exception to some hot neighborhoods of course) at prices lower than the 2002 prices! I am s e r i o u s....

Reason #3: If you are paying rent at $850 a month, you cana buy a house for $110,000 for the same monthly payment. Plus, the IRS will GIVE you, GIVE you $8,000 (or $6500) and you can use that $8,000 to pay off a credit card, or a car, or go on a EUROPEAN vacation! Or buy really expensive drapes for your new house.

Reason #4: You can paint your house any color you want, put a nail in the wall, wallpaper (God forbid!) even have a dog or a cat that poops in the house! Can you DO THAT with a landlord. No, you can't!

Reason #5: It will make you very happy to have your own place, owned by you and the mortgage company.

Reason #6: You probably will have enough deductions to itemize on your federal income tax return. Deducting the mortgage interest of your payment, and the real estate taxes of your payment will save you REAL money! (If you have enough deductions. I can help you figure it out) However, people who are charitable anyway, people who love to give their money away to the poor & needy and causes they believe in definitely will have enough deductions when you buy a house. It's real CASH you will save just by living in the house you own. And you gotta live somewhere, and hopefully it's not in a van down by the river.

There are more reasons...... too tired to write them here. Just call me and I'll take you house hunting. Even if you don't buy a house you will have F U N looking at the houses. It is BLAST to go house hunting. I would do it for free I love it that much! You will too.


  1. What if you don't have a few thousand dollars just sitting around :( We are working on that!

  2. If you don't have a few thousand laying around there is are a few meighborhoods that qualify for zero money down and the Seller will pay your closing costs.
    There are also a few grants out there for downpayments and the Seller pays your closing costs.