Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Amish

I have decided there are some character traits of the Amish I'd like to take on.
Staying out of The World's business for one.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why You Should Buy A House

If you're able to pay rent, you have a steady job, and you have a few thousand dollars sitting around, you should buy a house. I recommend a house over a condo, but that is for another post. There's some problems with condos and I'll explain that someday.

Reason #1 Uncle Sam is going to give you, yes, give you, and I mean GIVE YOU either $8000 OR $6500 in CASH! If you haven't owned real estate in the past three years and you don't make a ridiculous income, you will get check from IRS for $8,000. If you have lived in the house you own for the past 5 years, and you don't make a ridiculous income, you'll get a check for $6500 when you buy another house to live in!

Reason#2 Prices are silly low right now. Houses are selling (with exception to some hot neighborhoods of course) at prices lower than the 2002 prices! I am s e r i o u s....

Reason #3: If you are paying rent at $850 a month, you cana buy a house for $110,000 for the same monthly payment. Plus, the IRS will GIVE you, GIVE you $8,000 (or $6500) and you can use that $8,000 to pay off a credit card, or a car, or go on a EUROPEAN vacation! Or buy really expensive drapes for your new house.

Reason #4: You can paint your house any color you want, put a nail in the wall, wallpaper (God forbid!) even have a dog or a cat that poops in the house! Can you DO THAT with a landlord. No, you can't!

Reason #5: It will make you very happy to have your own place, owned by you and the mortgage company.

Reason #6: You probably will have enough deductions to itemize on your federal income tax return. Deducting the mortgage interest of your payment, and the real estate taxes of your payment will save you REAL money! (If you have enough deductions. I can help you figure it out) However, people who are charitable anyway, people who love to give their money away to the poor & needy and causes they believe in definitely will have enough deductions when you buy a house. It's real CASH you will save just by living in the house you own. And you gotta live somewhere, and hopefully it's not in a van down by the river.

There are more reasons...... too tired to write them here. Just call me and I'll take you house hunting. Even if you don't buy a house you will have F U N looking at the houses. It is BLAST to go house hunting. I would do it for free I love it that much! You will too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Potatoe Soup

Princess sleeps on a found, fluffy pillow.

The cat takes a bath under the table.

I decide to try the recipe on my real estate recipe calander from

Gooseberry Patch.
I peel potatoes while the coffe brews.
The snow falls outside.
The potatoe soup was YUMMY, by the way.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Hi There.

Here's what we did for Christmas. Becca and Samuel arrived rather breathless, I must say, from Guatemala. I was at home cleaning and cooking a yummy Italian casserole and Olin opened the door and in they came. Coats smelling like a campfire, and big smiles. (Samuel even said the house looks clean . smiley face) They oohed and aahed over Princess and then I set up the laptop, popped in the memory card, for photo viewing.
We hadn't gone through the photos but 10 minutes and Aunt Karen, Casey, Nikka, & Emily arrived. Hellos and hugs and cheerfulness. The cousins were grand to look through all 400 photos! Stories with with photos. Oh, what fun. God answered prayers of safety and also established them in their faith walk. Amen.

Let the party begin! G-ma arrived next from her Nutcracker outing. So,we ate food, drank Ohio wine, and the day turned to night. Chocolate mousse was our desert. Sam and Becca took showers and got in comfy CLEAN clothes. Then, Becca put in a dvd she got in Guatemala called "Julie and Julia" and we watched the Meryl Strep movie. Sam and Becca crashed sound asleep half way through, but the rest of us finished the movie.

Wednesday was a day at the farm and it had snowed! We played Scene It and Nikka knew the answers and she was on my team, so that was awesome! Kaylin had lots and lots of food for us. Then Jeff and Sarah arrived, too! Now it was a real party! Catch Phrase shouting was mingled with stories of Paraguay from Jeff & Jeff's trip. The cows came to the fence out front so Nikka, Emily, and Casey went out to pet them & we all watched the neighbor feed his herd. Snow boots, hats, and gloves were needed. City folk are so easily entertained with cow tongue licks and moos.
The party atmosphere fizzled out on Christmas Eve. I had a morning closing on a difficult deal. I felt bad for my guy since it was a pre-foreclosure & he had to be out of his house by Christmas Eve. His daughter was with him, and I felt sick over his situation. I needed the paycheck, but this wasn't a joyous closing around the Roundtable for me or my guy. Olin worked at the bank. I then finished shopping. Sam and Becca slept. Olin and I wrapped gifts. All four of us went to see the nativity downtown, which was completely rearranged for the first time ever...

Christmas day : slept, opened gifts, ate, made yeast rolls, had a formal dinner, opened more gifts.

The day after Christmas Samuel got his snow board measured. I picked it up on Monday and we went skiing that day. Samuel went with his two buddies and Becca and I took lessons and hung out on the bunny hill! F U N! I was absolutely sick with terror on the ski lift, but coming down was wonderful.

Oh, and we watched ALL the Harry Potter movies in a row, including the most recent movie that just came out. Becca bought them all in Guatemala. So hours and hours were spent spread out on the floor or couch with coffee cups and Mountain Dew. Now that's what I call "time off!"

I hope your holiday vacation was fabulous. The days are rolling along and it's now a whole week almost over since New Year's. Party On in 2010!