Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thinking on New Year's Eve

After subzero temperatures it's a blue-skied Spring day here. Driving into the neighborhood I watched the geese flying about. They seem confused. Their giant flock broke into a myriad of little flocks and they flapped about every which way. I saw a hawk all poofed up and fat sitting in a tree by the road waiting for some poor rabbit or mouse to make a move.

This Christmas Tree is my favorite that I've ever gotten. It's the perfect size and proportioned all around. I decided I'm not taking it down until it turns brown, I like it that much.

The noise and activity of Christmas seems so far away now. My favorite Christmas memory, you ask? Christmas Eve in the middle of the night I woke up. In the dark room and quiet house, I was tucked in a warm bed, (except my head was freezing, it was really cold in my room) and I realized my kids were sleeping in the rooms down the hall. We were all together in this house at the same time. I hadn't had that feeling for a long time. I felt really "rich" and exceedingly blessed.

My nephew spent Christmas in prison. I tried not to think about it on Christmas Day. However, this fact is spurring me on to get involved in Prison Visitations/Outreach programs. I'm not sure where to start with this desire I have to visit prisoners, but I do plan to start looking for opportunities.

I've been a Scrooge/Grinch for many years. During the very Christmasy part of the holiday I would start to feel like I don't like Christmas and as soon as I'd think "I hate Christmas", I would turn my car and see something fun and festive. For example, I was in the parking lot of the grocery store and I just about started to complain when suddenly a horse drawn wagon with Christmas bells jingling rolled past us. The driver had a top hat on and a cape. Now that was fun! Things like that kept happening to confront my negative scrooginess. There's a Caroling Party that my friend, Blanche, has had 25 years in a row. I started attending her party 20 years ago. I've only missed one party. That's part of Christmas that I enjoy. It was freezing outside. So, after we sang for a street full of houses, our hands and faces were numb and our toes hurt from the cold. Hot cocoa and pies and cakes thaw us out!

Another holiday memory is going out to my brother's farm, which is always a comfortable and fun visit with my family. We played lots of games like Outburst, Pictionary, Mexican Train, and a game where you guess what people will "like." My niece was adopted as a teenager and she's from the Phillipians. It was great hearing her speak up boldly and play games with all of us. She hasn't been able to really speak with the language barrier, but it was FUN to have her interacting and talking. I'm really proud of her! We had to come home early because Samuel started to panick about his Japanese studies. He's had two whole weeks to work on Japanese and decides on the evening we're having fun at the farm that he has to study Japanese right now. Teenagers. Grumpf.

Yesterday, I drove a missionary couple to the other side of town to look at a house to buy. We get there, and the Sellers won't let us in. I don't mind this as it happens to me from time to time. I just felt bad for the missionaries because I know they are very busy and had a hard time finding a couple hours to fit in. I enjoyed their company and their fellowship though. They're such a calm, peaceful, loving couple.

I made my way to the other side of town today to the Bulk Mail office of the US Post Office. My magnet calendars are going to be few days late, but they are on their way to 700 homes! The clerk at the Post Office said they were cute. Then I had a request from some new people to go house hunting. I met them today, too. Sales last month were down in my town by 28% over last year at this time. I didn't need anyone to tell me that. LOL. Though the income is needed, it was so nice to have a quiet couple of weeks.

I've been reading a really good book, "Under the Overpass," by Mike Yankoski. I will be giving a little review of the book as soon as I finish it.

I bought sushi, and blue crab to munch on tonight to celebrate the New Year. Other than that, those are my plans for the evening. Cheers* Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dance the Night Away

We danced for hours at the Realtor Christmas party. I won a prize and Mr. Seriously Though won a prize too. I was surprised that I knew every single soul there. The band was hot and played rock danceable tunes like Brick House and Little Pink Houses and Alright Now. I caught a glimpse of a couple 20-something newspaper advertisers point at my husband and giggle, but I think they thought he was grand jerking around on the dance floor. He kept moving his arms as he was throwing punches here and there, so I made up a dance called the Boxer. Of course he went along with that cheerfully. It's a great partner dance. You should try it.

ince I've lost the 15 pounds it felt good to dress up again. I like this tip my friend gave me for holiday eating. If you accidentally put a spoonful of mashed potatoes in your mouth or a cookie, don't think, "oh, I might as well go all out and eat sweets and a pile of food with gravy." Don't do it. Just immediately start all over right now. That worked for me at the parties I've gone to. It feels great wearing jeans I haven't worn in 5 years and they actually zip easily.

On into the work day I go! I spent hours yesterday writing notes to past clients in Christmas cards while it snowed, the tree lights blinked and I sipped on my chai tea. Fluffy purred on the floor next to me and it was a peaceful day.

To Da Lou!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Stuff

We had a GREAT time at the President's Ball.

Here's what the table looked like when we arrived. The theme for the year has been sailing, so keeping with the theme, the party was called "Sail Away" Regatta Blue and White, sand and seashells centerpiece. Cocktails, laughs, excellent food, and connecting with all the wonderful people I interact with in this crazy business.

Tonight I have another Realtor party to attend. This one is for the association for which I'm an officer. I didn't run for a position for next year. Now I wish I had. I do enjoy serving even though it's time consuming. Glad I bought two dresses at Macy's cuz the ladies in that photo will also be at tonight's party, as they are in the same association with me.

My son's symphonic choir concert was last night, and since it is HUGE they have it two nights in a row. I cry at beauty. So I cried. They are that good. They sang a most genius song called "The Word Was God" It sounded so outer-spacey, like angels singing, and I could image all the creation going on in the beginning of the world. Whoever composed it is truly a genius. This YouTube clip is a different choir singing this song. My son's choir was much more amazing and this clip doesn't do the song justice. Of course, live music is always more emotionally impacting.

By the way, my son attends a public high school. I'm so thankful that sacred music is allowed to be learned and performed there.

I haven't bought a single solitary gift for Christmas. I haven't put out one decoration. I haven't baked one cookie, or addressed one card. I hope I can get motivated and quit messing around on the internet!

Oh, my sales team won a sales contest - out of 750 agents, we won! Wow. We were the smallest, and the most behind. When we finally got in the game we were behind by 1000's of points. Not kidding. We won. How funny is that. (This could be why my house is a mess and I haven't started Christmas preparations yet!)

To Da Lou!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've never gone to The Presidents Ball. I never had the desire to go over the years. This is the President of the Board of Realtors, not America. The old Prez says a speach and the new Prez has a guest of honor give a speach about them. There's cocktails, dinner and dancing. The attire is ball gowns (I'm not kidding). I don't feel comfortable in long dresses.

I'm actually looking forward to the evening out. My broker paid for both my husband and I to go, which is $100. So, thanks Real Living. If I had applied over the years, I would be eligible for at least the $10 million award. I never bothered. I figured my income was enough of an award. This year I decided to send in the paperwork (which is tedious) to get the 1 million award. You have to go in consecutive order, so even if I sold a highrise for $20 million, I'd still only get the 1 million. This blog post is sort of boring already.

I shopped for days for a dress to wear and ended up at Macy's clearance rack last night. I got a cocktail dress orginal price $159 for $20. Not sure I liked the dress, I got another one originally priced at $109 for $30. I love Macy's. Or, I might wear my Mother of the Bride Dress that I wore in 2009. Probably not cuz I never had it cleaned and I danced till I was sweaty.

So, yeah, my husband will dance with me even though he looks like a giant gorilla out there. That's AOK with me because it's awful to have a date that is too shy and self-conscious to get up in front of others & bounce around.
Tomorrow I'll get nails done for real. I might pay to get my hair in an updo, or else I'll just let it air dry and hang down. I still need to get some jewelry today and pair of shoes. I wish I had a wrap because it's 23 degrees outside. None of the ball gowns I looked at (which I don't want to wear) were sleeveless. I just need to decided between the Peacock & black or the sparkley and black.

OK, this boring post is over.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Summary-Hello Work Week

Road trips are always fun except when you've been in the car too long. After 8 hours on the road, we had only 30 minutes left to arrive in Princeton. It was then I realized I had lost my phone. Where was it? Oh, yeah.... I left it on top of the toilet paper roller at the last Service Plaza on the Penn Turnpike. Oh, just forget it, I'll buy a new Blackberry, I insisted. Oh, no. Mr. Seriously Though insisted we had to go back, get the phone and save a couple hundred bucks. Why is he so frugal? So, a U turn was made, a stop at a toll house, phone calls to the service plaza, and the Blackberry located. This added an hour MORE to our car trip. sigh.

Upon arrival in the married student housing of PTS warm greetings were welcomed along with a fabulous sit down dinner of enchiladas. And so, our visit began. We had plenty of room in the cozy apartment. I was so content that even though I could hear loud exclamations of expletives from Kevin & Sam killing zombies with the xbox, I slept fabulously. As my family would say, I wasn't my usual sleep nazi self.

Thanksgiving day started with thawing Tom in the sink, getting him stuffed and oiled up. Friends of Rachael & Kevin carried over another table from their apartment around the corner along with 4 chairs so we had one big, long table for everyone. I found having a table transported from one apartment building to another rather joyful. Five other friends of Rachael & Kevin joined us along with an adorable baby. Becca flew in from the Sunshine State and took the train down from Newark, NJ. Luckily, one of the guests knew how to make gravy as that is always my brother's job or my grandma's job. Round the Thanksgiving table was truly special for me. I hope your holiday meal was special, too.

What else did we do on our visit? Watch movies. Play guitar. Play video games. Pet Clancy. Play piano. Pet Clancy. Tour the seminary campus and the university campus. Eat at Alchemist & Barrister. Shop in a knick knack store. Pet Clancy. Lie around. Watch OSU beat Michigan. Visit Small World Coffee house. Stopped in the local real estate office (a new Real Living broker). Go to church. Celebrate Olin's birthday a little late. Walk Clancy in the woods.

I'm overwhelmed with feelings of thanksgiving and love from this visit with my kids. How blessed am I? In case you don't know this for yourself: Jesus makes life so much better. Yes, it life can still be really, really crappy-but an anchor of Love and Power can keep you from capsizing. I was lost for a long time, just like my cell phone, my credit cards, and keys. God knew where I was the whole time. I'm thankful he thought I had enough value to look for me, and didn't just decide on redo. Thank God I was found. I have no idea how this happened. I'm not sure I can explain it. I just hope that the sweetest, sweetest Presence I know is with you right now.

So Monday is here, and I'm off to manage my business. My magnet calendars are in. So, that means stamping, labeling over 700 envelopes to past clients, my neighbors, and all the friends and family for whom I'm truly thankful.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I've Lost

Here's a list of what I've lost in the past 2 weeks:
my driver's license
my keys, which includes a HUD key. This is so inconvenient and requires I drive 30 minutes away to get another one from the Department of HUD
A mastercard
Another mastercard
A debit card to one account
a visa card
a pair of cowboy boots
a pair of tennis shoes
my singing voice

Thankfully, I haven't lost my laughter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Portrait of a Chrstian

Not only in the words you say,
Not only in your deeds confessed.
But in the most unconscious way
Is Christ expressed.

Is a beatific smile?
A holy light upon your brow?
Oh no, I saw His presence when
You laughed just now.

To me twas not the truth you taught,
To you so clear to me so dim.
But when you came to me
You brought a sense of Him.

And from His light He beckons me,
And from your lips His love is shed.
Til I lose sight of you and see
The Christ instead.

Is a beatific smile?
A holy light upon your brow?
Oh no, I saw His presence when
You laughed just now.

From the poem, "Portrait of a Christian" by Beatrice Clelland

The above lyrics are from Phil Keagy's song The Portrait, which is taken from a poem by Beataric Clelland called Portrait of a Christian.

You may know that I've been church homeless for a long time. I still am. I've been craving community and fellowship, and know I can't long for the good ole days. They're gone. We went to some new acquaintance's home for a Thanksgiving dinner together with the folks from the little church that we've been visiting. You know, the one where I interrupted the preacher and said "speak for yourself," LOL. Yeah it's awkward. However, tonight was lovely.

A pretty house, pretty food, and gracious Christian fellowship. It helps that the Buckeyes won. Why is it better when they win? It just is. So, one of the gals likes poetry, too. She reminded me of this song tonight, which is actually someones poem, not just lyrics. Isn't it a great poem? I love it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Saying Hi

Today is Tuesday. My house is such a wreck. Paint cans and paint tools are all over the place. Newspapers are strewn. Real Estate files and crap are in piles around the house. I was talking to an agent the other day who's adult son joined her in the business. These two sell a lot of real estate. They have like 40 listings and they'll almost all luxury properties. Anyway, she told me when her son was a teenager he would complain bitterly about the real estate papers and files all over the counters and end tables and dining room table. "Can't you do something with this stuff?" he would whine. Yep. My son goes on these rants, too. But, what was affirming is that I'm not the only one with my files everywhere and not in tidy boxes and cabinets.

I'm on my way to a big broker meeting this morning. Real Living is taking over the world and they are demonstrating the new technology platform. The meeting will be held on OSU campus in 500 seat auditorium. There are two sessions, that's how many Real Living agents are in town.
I don't want to go. I want to put the paint cans away and vacuum up all the cat hair that is EVERYWHERE.

After the meeting I'm will get together with two men from the Auction Division. We'll have a little conference together about my condo listing and then go look at it. I'm curious what they will say and what they think about an auction for this place. I'll end up in the north end and I'm still on this stupid diet (lost 12 pounds) so I won't be able to stop at any of the delicious middle eastern places for lunch. I'm stuck sipping this protein drink.

Last night I went to a women's bible study. They complained a lot. I don't like complaining. Can't we just worship Jesus and pray about those things that concern us? I guess now I'm complaining. LOL.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Am An Idiot

This just happened. Last night I showed several condos to young gal and her mom. We've been looking a long, long time. The last condo we were in for awhile and I was getting tired at the end of a long day. I pulled a business card out of my purse, put it on the kitchen counter, locked up the condo and left. This is a common practice to let the owner of the condo know who was in their house and that we did indeed show it.

I got a call a few minutes ago from the Listing Agent of the condo. She said, my client emailed me and said he has never been so offended in his life when he found your business card next to the sink. I said, I always leave my card. She said, well on the back of the card you had written, I won't be coming back here ever again, end of story!

Oh my goodness, I replied. I was in a church service where the sermon offended me so greatly, that I took out a card and wrote that on the back of the card and passed it to my husband during the service. Idiot me, put the card back into my purse. I can still see myself fuming with anger at the sermon, and not even paying attention to what I was doing.

I can't believe I left THAT card of all cards. Now my face, my business name is someone's hands with my idiot anger written on it for all to see! I guess I wasn't walking by the Spirit that Sunday. The fruit of the Spirit is patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness, ... you get the idea.

Can you image how that guy felt when he turned my card over and read "I wont be coming back here ever again. End of story"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Tidy Religion

There is much to be appreciated about a tidy religion. I wish mine was tidy. It isn't.
If I tried to make it tidy, I would find that church, in a denomination that was well organized and had a headquarters. Everyone in the church would work real hard at loving each other and being kind. We'd eat dinners together and plan functions together, and smile at each other a lot. We'd pray together, collect pennies on Sunday for the poor together, and be pleased with ourselves for our trips to the prisons to play Scrabble with the inmates.

We'd carry our bibles around and be secure and comfortable in our cozy church. We wouldn't have questions in our minds about what is approved and what isn't approved. We would have missionaries who would carry the message from our headquarters to remote places and set up little churches just like ours. It would be wonderful.

Though I've tried, I just don't have a tidy religion, and it does make me sad and uneasy at times.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

50 Things I Like About You-for your 50th Birthday

1. You aren't exactly like other people

2. You don't know the names and faces of many movie & music performers

3. You could win Millionaire if you tried

4. Even my sister wants you on her team for trivia games especially when they involve history

5. You have a different perspective on life

6. You didn't laugh when the lights came on and that guy's long hairs that cover his bald head were standing straight up, but you tapped me three times very slowly on the shoulder to let me know you wanted to.

7. You wear water shoes as house slippers

8. You know the names of weird actors from some weird movies from some weird year like 1939.

9. Same thing with songs

10. You read the bible every morning.

11. You read "our Daily Bread" every morning

12. You pray for about 10 minutes every morning

13. You take my calls whenever I call you no matter what you're doing, even though you don't like to talk on the phone.

14. You believe in the gifts of the spirit and aren't afraid to use them.

15. You make me coffee and rub my feet when I'm tired.

16. I like how strong you are

17. I like how funny you are

18. I like that you'll tour old, historic houses and buildings, and museums.

19. I like that you have British Car Club friends.

20. I love having a mechanic around the house.

21. I love that you understand economics and politicals so well.

22. I remember when you're mom was so sad your grandpa's dog died, and you said, "at least you don't have to dog sit anymore!" and she just about fell over laughing.

23. You enjoy going to the beach on vacation.

24. You took me horse back riding on our first date.

25. I like that you would give Princess part of your breakfast every day even though you don't like dogs.

26. I like the weird names you called all of us, like Bug, Bug Jr, and Nuk Nuk, and bowling pin.

27. I like your 57 Ford.

28. I like that you sold an old car for the down payment of our first house.

29. I like how you believed that God would provide the money for a house that we couldn't afford, and then He did.

30. I like how you drove me to the Browns Game even though you're not a fan and you hate crowds, and you hate Cleveland.

31. You like music and play the flute.

32. You go to work everyday and work hard in a place that isn't always pleasant so we can have a home and food and gasoline.

33. You come up with some incredibly interesting true stories. The stories of your life are hysterically funny-
FROM RAchael:

34. You pray before you make any decisions.

35. I love that you're a reader.

36. Believe it or not, I like your sense of humor.

37. I remember when you came to St. Augustine and we went to the Old Spanish Pub, JP Henley's, and Scarlett O'Hara's and you hung out with my friends. I loved that.

38 I like that you were so supportive of my going to Flagler, and my being a Religion/Philosophy Major.


39. You are always forgiving

40. You see the other side to issues

41. You are not judgmental

42. You can talk to anyone about anything they are interested in.

43, You are a history buff

44. You are smart

45.You put up with three women

46. You helped me learn to drive stick-shift.

47. You brought me back to UNF my sophomore year.


Dad, the realization of you turning 50 really hasn't hit me yet because I still think of you as 41.

48. You have the great gift of staying calm when it's needed

49. You also have the gift of not being ignorant ike a large sum of 50 year olds today

50. You've raised three amazing people including the brightest teenager I'ver ever known (me)

51. You can balance a checkbook and keep a well paying job during the hardest economic times America has seen.

52. You are really good at fixing cars/tv's or really anything that needs fixed

53. To live in a house with me and mom you must have a lot of patience, and you do

But on top of this all, you have a terrible taste in NFL teams!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Someone is Singing in the Bathroom

Practicing their ahhhs and ohhhs and other sounds. if only we all sounded as good as we do in the bathroom when we're on stage. lol.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gone Astray

I liked this. Maybe it was just the 80's. If you do click on and read this blog post from Joni Parsley, be sure and read the first comment left (which is a PS by Joni)

Gone Astray

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Neighbor Part 2

So the house behind me had their closing last week. I keep looking for a moving truck to pull up to the house, but haven't seen one yet! Then one night, Olin and I kept waking up to the sound of barking dog, which barked all night long. In the morning Olin asked, is that dog the new neighbor's, or is it the idiot's on the other street? I said I think it's the idiot's.
A couple days later, just now, I looked outside and there's a light on in the house behind me. We can hear a dog barking, too. I said, "oh, the new neighbor is there, and I don't have my house warming present for her, yet." To which he replied, "well if that's her dog barking, you can give her a muzzle."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tye Dye Party!

Many moons ago I was a college student in a grand city. I met many interesting and creative people and was an officer of the Mountaineering Club. We went on many fantastic outdoor adventures such as winter backpacking in the Rockies, caving in Applachia, climbing rocks and mountains, skiing where ever it snowed. I loved them. Yesterday Dr. Larry had a tye dye party and his friends, many of whom are past mountaineering people, or friends of mountaineering people, and present day college student mountaineering people came to his party. It was cold and it was raining and tye-dying requires the use of lots of water and getting wet. BRRRRR. His house over looks the Red's baseball stadium and we could hear the cheers and the fireworks go off when the Reds got a run in. A mouse was found living in the grill before we grilled up our dinner. Kind of cute and kind of gross. Sam made a couple cool shirts, Olin took his time and made a very cool shirt. I made a bandana and a gauze shirt. When I arrived at Dr. Larry's I met a girl from the mountaineering club from 1994. I met the current president, 2010, a super nice whippersnapper. There I was from 1982. Then someone arrived from the 70's so I wasn't the oldest! ha ha. I wasn't the only one who made their teenage kid come along too. Honestly all the teens seemed to enjoy creating wearable art with their parents and being on top of big hill overlooking the Ohio River.

Oh, and yes, there were Larry Cookies.
To Da Lou~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't Stop That Judging Feeling

A month or so ago I came into an awareness that I was judging people. I would never have thought this was so, but I read a blog post by Anomyous Thoughts in which she commented that she judged what people are like just by what they are wearing. Interesting, I thought. Not something I do, so I went on to other things.. However, this anonymous thought stayed in my mind like a pebble stuck in my shoe. As the day went on I had to stop and take this thought out and really examine it. You see, I haven't landed in a church family yet. Never did I suspect I was making judgements just based on how women wear their hair or the the type of clothing they wear, or the way they talk. I suddenly realized I was doing just that. Could that be why I hadn't connected or bonded with a church after all this time? I didn't even bother to talk to most women, and chose instead to just walk out after the service and decide I had nothing in common with them.

All of this church visiting, and walking away, and subconcious judging was going on all the while I was craving female fellowship. Nostalgic for the past, the amazing prayer meetings and accountability groups I have been in over the years, I've had a longing for the past in my heart.
So, I consciously chose this past month to engage with women that I normally wouldn't. I decided to stop my " just smile and slink away" behavior.

What I believe I've discovered from this experiment is this: my first impressions are actually accurate. What is that "commonality" that I'm looking for, for which I'm longing? It's a fire in the soul. It's a craving for the lost to be found. A Love that surpasses what's on sale at Kroger. It's a love that surpasses differences and fantastically makes our differences super cool and far out and fun to enjoy.
It's mysterious. It's a "seeing" that some don't see, and a "hearing" that some don't hear. Honestly, I don't know if they choose to not see, and choose to not hear, but the fact remains that no matter what I say or do, some will just look at me oddly, and then they will smile and just slink away.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Speaking of Evil

Feeling sorry for myself! WAH WAH! I am missing a most glorious day with an incredible blue sky and no wind. I'm stuck inside working on taxes. TAXES. I've heard people complain about how complicated the tax code and IT IS! I resent that I have to hire an expert to help me do my taxes and understand what I can and cannot deduct off my business income. So I don't hire someone, because I resent it. I have always prepared my own tax returns because the hard part is the record keeping. The record keeping is more than a nuisance. It is an outrageous amount of documentation and tedious. I figure once I have done all the hard part, why woud I pay someone to plug in the numbers I gave them? I can do that part in a couple hours.

Also, the preparer is not as motivated as I am to save me as much money as possible. I had a client tell me his accountant told him he couldn't take the second home tax credit because he didn't know how it worked. It's spelled out right on the IRS website. Not hard to do. Not hard to understand. Why would I pay someone who won't even read the IRS tax code?

I have worked from 11:0 am to 5:30 pm non stop preparing my records and I'm not even half way there. UGH. The only happy thing today are these adorable birds that keep coming near my window as I work. They are tiny like a hummingbird but larger, and they "peep" instead of chirp. They have a little black spot on their downy little heads and thier tiny beaks are like a hummingbird, too, but they aren't hummingbirds. I have no idea what they are. Their little visits to my window edge are greatly appreciated. I'm going to put out some water for them in an old flat flower pot since it hasn't rained in a month and there are no puddles around here for a bird bath

More interesting things to note later. I hope. Back to the tax records.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

there is so much evil in the world. it depresses me. so much innonence destroyed and violence and clamor and just plain evil. I saw a graphic on my son's computer that says "you can't spell slaughter without laughter" and it disturbs me that this little saying would even be considered for entertainment. Am I just of a generation that doesn't understand violent video games and music? A little boy was killed by his step dad yesterday. The little boy was so cute. I'm really bumming about the ugliness of life and that anyone would even chuckle about violence.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Discovery of Kevin

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Dancing on Air, Part 2 (9/14/10) - Video -

So, I wanted you to see my son-in-law. He is dancer #2 on the Jimmy Fallon Show from 9/14/2010. Click on the "link" above to watch it.

Rachael and Kevin went to see the show as part of her birthday celebration. I got a text on Tuesday from Rachael that said, "you will want to watch the show tonight, Kevin will be on" I knew I woud fall asleep, and Sam fell asleep on the couch while Jay Leno was on. Luckily I set my alarm for 12:15 am and when it went off I woke up. I don' have cable or anything fancy so taping it wasn't an option. Sam didn't wake up and eventually crawled upstairs to his bed, unfortunately. But he watched it later online.

I woke up in time to see Jamie Lee Curtis and the Situation on Jay Leno. So when Kevin finally was on I was wide awake. The first guy danced, and I was like, "ok," kind of cute. Then when Kevin danced I fell off the couch onto the floor and I actually howled. I almost peed my pants, I am not kidding. I don't know if it's because I know him and that's why it was so funny to me, but Rachael even said the audience around her was howling, too. She said guys were slapping their legs and laughing out loud. So, I hope you enjoy the clip as much as I did!

I like to imagine that Jimmy Fallon will call Kevin and say, "hey, we liked you so much we want you to be a regular on the show twice a week, and we'll pay you real, live money," or something like that. Kevin does have a 4 year degree with a performance major, so I guess it sort of paid off, and got him free dancing lessons in NYC. LOL

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Decorated

This is a rare happening in my life. I decorated yesterday. I put up this wall display with the help of Mr. S. T. The "S" is for Seriously... just kidding.
The green candle was a gift from Agape Life. The birds and light house were purchased at the now defunct Schottenstein's, and they were $2.00 each and reminded me of the ocean, one of my favorite places. The plate was bought at Marshall's for $2.00 and it's brown and white and has birds on it. I liked it. The photo is a picture of "letyourgloryfalldown" and a group of Ohio ladies surrounding a very controversial mother of 5, Just the mention of this controversial mother will cause a stir, so I won't stir you up.

In my mind I have great decorating ideas. Carried out, they disappoint. I have low self esteem over my inability to decorate. It's like the silver valour curtains I hung in the guest bedroom. Mr. S.T. gasped when he saw them and said "that's something you find in a 1970's episode of "Shaft"! He's right. They do bring to mind the image of pot smoking and go-go boots.

It's assumed by people I meet that I can decorate since I'm a Realtor. Because I can tell you exactly what you need to do to your house and and stage it to get it sold doesn't mean I can decorate. I can stage a house lickety-split and it's one thing I am very good at. Looking at 65 houses a week with persnickety buyers has caused me to perfect that talent. I know how to "stage" my house very well. I know what I need to do: new cabinets, new floors, don't do laminate, always use natural materials when you can afford to, don't scream the 80's or the 90's or the 00's. Staging isn't decorating! Staging removes distractions when they take your eye off of a house's assets, and it addess distractions to move your eye away from a house's deficiencies.

Money has always been my excuse for not decorating, but the truth it's not money. One truth is I'm not patient. I realize with all talents and skills it all comes down to patience. The woodworker patiently sands his handicraft day after day after day. I, on the other hand, would get bored after an hour and say "Done!" The fact I've never decorated my home is a deep-seated painful "issue" I have. I've done some self-psycho therapy and I have a pretty good idea of why I have not decorated my home. I can't share the analysis here as I feel a need to protect the guilty.

With this new wall display in my family room I can tell I need to bring the shelf on the right down a bit. I don't know why I hung it up there so high like it's floating away.
Oh well. If I'm patient enough I'll move it down. That requieres getting the hammer out again. So I doubt that shelf will move anywhere, seriously.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

St. Francis of Assissi

My Amazon order arrived. I had had a strong desire to read actual writings of St. Francis for months and months. My seminary daughter did a paper on him last year and I couldn't stop thinking about this eccentric man. Was he crazy or was it real? I found a book on Amazon called the Writings of St. Francis of Assissi.

I'm not Catholic. I don't know much about Catholicism. My first reaction was, "of my! Francis was SO Catholic" LOL.

I had to put the book down after a couple pages and ponder this idea of Jesus' body being the communion elements. This is a bizarre idea for me. According to Francis I'm going to hell because I can't "see" the Lord's Body there. Well, I can "see" the Lord there, sort of in my mind's eye, like a representation. I treat it respectfully, but I'm having some serious problems with this first part of Francis' writings! I agreed and felt a kindred spirit with what he put forth, until I read the part about Jesus becoming, through some mystical practice, the actual elements. Being mystical, myself, I am not throwing this theory out all together. I need to think about it though. I'm not saying I don't believe that, but I need to think about it more. Francis says that in the "hands of the priest" it becomes Jesus' body. I am a priest. That much is perfectly clear to me.

Would I be considered a Priestess since I'm female? I remember hearing my friends argui over this doctrine and I always just shut up my ears to the arguing. What's the big deal? Who cares, I thought. Today, after reading Francis, I'm a little more interested in this Eucharist question. I do not think my eternal life is determined by this one belief, however. There are, afterall, orphans that need clothed, fed, and loved, and prisoners that feel abandoned and alone and need visited! Communion elements is the least of my concerns regarding religious matters. At least for today. Hopefully, I'll have more to report on Francis in the future.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


by Marion Dianne Werra-Baburchak

There He breathes His season song
On shortened days and nights of long
With harvest bounty going strong
I cannot wait to join the throng
and dance to the tune of my Lover!

Something calls me to the heights
To come and taste the sweet delights
All the earth and all it's sights
Blazing trees and flaming lights
bright shining as my Lover!

Hush the howling winds ablow
Watch the dancing leaves aglow
Leaves liquidated, pour into my soul
Crimson like His blood it flows
-like the mark of my dear Lover!

Dark chocolate trees with organe glaze
Constrating hues-I stand amazed
Autumn rambles just leave me dazed
If this is Him, I love His ways!

This is just part of the poem written by Marion Werra-Baburchak and published in her book: "Reflections on Water" The rest of the poem is wonderful and contains my favorite lines.

You don't have permission to use her poem, sorry. You may purchase her book on Amazon, though!

Marion is the sister of a friend of mine who pastors a church with her husband. Marion passed away a few weeks ago. I got her book from Amazon a few days ago. I read some of her poems and thought, "The world needs to read these poems!" Encouraging. Uplifting. Taken from her introduction: "Some poems touch on the experience of despair...there are those that reflect on the pain of loss...other poems reflect the overwhelming exhilaration I have found in feelings God's presence in man, nature, wisdom, and life's simplest enjoyments..."

If you want this book, but can't afford it, or don't have the time to order, I'll buy you one and mail it to you completely free of charge. It will be my little gift to you! (PS I'm not a killer looking for your address either.) So you can email me at

To Da Lou!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here are more pics of the first house I owned. Same cabinets in the kitchen, but I had them painted a soft yellow, and there was mexican tile back splash. The bookshelves and white shutters were in the children's bedroom when I lived there, too. That hasn't changed.
That's all there is to this house. Living room, dining room, kitchen, and two bedrooms. I'll show what the house I live in now looks like someday... For fun, I should pull out photos from when we all lived in this house.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is the first house I owned with a mortgage company. It's for sale now.

Here's the living room. It's cute isn't it. I'm going to go through it with my husband and maybe buy it and rent it out. Interest rates are so low we can swing it, I think. We'll see.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Horse Fix

Today was a day to love being alive. Right now I can hear my son playing his guitar and singing in fallsetto a song he made up while I was out. It has this calming sound to it. I like it.

Today with the bluest of skies I met my friend about 30 miles out of the city. Together we drove another 30 miles north to an Amish farm I sold back in March. I blogged about the farm in "Do You Believe in Miracles."

My friend A and I were invited out by my friend L who bought the farm to evaluate a pair of working horses she is thinking of purchasing from her Amish neighbor. God, I really love barns. If I wasn't so exhausted from the awesome day I had, I would write about how beautiful the milk calf is, the rusty colored chickens all cooped up against the white farm house, and the silly black, lab that wants to be sure eveyone is having a great, playful time.

Handling horses always makes me feel like myself. I seem to forget who I am until I get around the horses and then it all comes back to me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Thoughts

1.) Light attracts bugs. -Bill Johnson in reference to the crazies and undesireables who come to his meetings.

2.) Judgement prevents you from receiving a blessing. - me
When we judge another person for any reason, we are prevented then from receivng any of the blessings and goodness they may possess. However, don't confuse the heebie jeebies with judgement. If someone gives you the heebie jeebies, it's your spirit "seeing" something in that person and warning you to be careful, very careful, and probably don't get involved with that person. Judgement, on the other hand, says things like, "She is too weird and goth for me," or "he is too gay," or, "they are always late and so disrespectful," or, the list goes on. I have actually been judging lately. I have gone to a little church twice which my son likes. I looked at the other people and thought, "I don't have anything in common with them," So, I didn't even bother to talk to them. Who knows, they actually might be hilarious and I am missing out? I need to stop judging - - -

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

funny story, kind of

so a friend of my doesn't smoke pot. anymore. she stopped smoking shortly before asking Jesus into her life. She hasn't smoked the mary jane since.
remember back in Feb I told you I made a stew and realized the barley box said "use before 2001" ? I also had some other stuff in my pantry that I didn't realize so much time went by.
well my friend tells me she went through her pantry to make a special dish and she grabbed a box of corn starch and when she tried to pour the starch into a spoon a little plastic baggy poked out of the hold. She tugged on it and low and behold there is a little bit of marijuanna in the baggy, a few stems and seeds. She is astounded. Where on earth did this come from? How did his get in here? She called her husband over and he has no idea how this got into th box of starch. She suspects one of her children has been trying out pot, so she calls them both in. (now when she tells me this, I think, no way have your kids tried pot. they're only like 7 and 9 years old and they're extremely sheltered, but I don't say anything)
so she shows the baggy to her kids and says, "Look what I find in the box starch!" She said her kids eyes were big, big and their mouths were open as they stared at the baggy and it's contents. She said she looked at their faces closely to detect any falsehood and she said they had this look on their faces like "wow, so that's what pot looks like."
She dismissed the children and was still puzzled. Then her husband took the box and read, "Best if used by November, 1997" "honey, that's yours!" he said.


I thought that was sort of funny

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


40 years my husband's father died from brain cancer. My husband was only 10 years old. This sadness is a part of who my husband is. 40 years ago most cancer patients were sent home to die. Today, there is much more hope and effective treatments. Thanks to cancer research. Saturday my husband will ride in the Pelotonia in the hopes to raise $1,000 for The James Cancer Research Center at The Ohio State University, one of the foremost cancer research hospitals in the world.

Olin is 6'4". He has a crooked back. He doesn't go on long bike rides! The bike he will use is a bike a friend of his from church trash picked from a campus area dumpster over 20 years ago! He will wear cut off shorts, probably, and a t-shirt, while the riders beside him will be in slick aero-dynamic gear and new fancy bikes. My husband plays the flute, so he has always been a bit eccentric! He is determined to ride.

If you are so inclined to give a nickel or dime, here's the website to dontate!


Monday, August 9, 2010

The Trip To Jersey

Well, you can read about our trip on Agape Life blog...

I've been sick for a full 7 days. We got home last week on Monday early evening. I could barely get out of bed on Tuesday and slept like sleeping beauty. Wednesday I threw myself through the day and went out to dinner with a past client. It makes me feel good past clients want to keep the relationship going. I meet some very cool people in my job. But then Thursday I was completely out of commission and my body was full of pain. Yesterday I was able to navigate my way to the office and function a bit, laundry, dishes that sort of thing. I haven't felt like writing anything. I've been laying around groaning in pain from head to foot, I rejoined facebook, and I've surfed blogs to pass the time. I took so much pain reliever it made me throw up. It may be a coincidence but I caught a little bit of Sid Roth on my teeny tiny tv and while I listened to his enthusiastic, soft voice I started to actually feel better. Today, I am almost 100%. Most of the day was spent orchestrating a closing, which did happen. Hip hip hooray!

There was an absolutely awesome thunderstorm during the closing with crashing-body splitting thunder and fantastic bright lightening which knocked out the electricity to the building. Gobs and gobs of rain. I just love a thunderstorm.

On my way to the office, I felt very thankful for my career. As much as it kicks me in the ass and the teeth, I often feel made to job of bringing all the people together to make a sale happen and help them make important decisions. Very important decisions!

What' s this got to do with Jersey? Well, as I said Agape Life did a nice job putting our trip into a little synopsis.

Sitting here typing this makes me really tired. I have to go lie down. bummer.

To Da Lou!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love Mondays

The market may be slow right now. I hear that constantly from fellow agents in the field. No showings. No offers. Lots of new listings. But, God is good. Last week I became in contract and also have great prospects for the very near future, and a closing due on Friday.
One of you's prayed, didn't ya? Thank ye.
Now I'm making plans for an east coast trip to see my cutie pie red-haired girl at the fancy pants seminary, Princeton. I can't wait. ! I haven't seen the north east coast in years and years. Oh, and I can't wait to see my cuite pie, too. Switch that order: cutie pie first, ocean second.

To Da Lou!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fair Days

So today is the first day of the Franklin County Fair.

Olin and I were watching the Ohio channel and they were airing The Ohio State Fair Sheep Shearing Championships from last year. Basically these men are lined up with a pair of electric shears and then these people shove a sprawling sheep at them. They grab the sheep and make it sit on the floor like a human sits in a chair with it's legs all stuck out. Then zip, zip, zip they go with the shears. They get 10 points for no cuts on the animal, 10 points for how it looks when they're done, 10 points for how good the wool is when their done, and like 40 points for how fast they do it.
I was watching these men shave the sheep real fast around it's privates. I squeeked, "ooo, watch out for their pee-pee parts!" To which Olin replied, can you imagine someone cutting around your pee-pee parts with shears and their in a SPEED contest?"

ha ha. I laughed at that! Those poor, poor sheep!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RE Happens

A quick update here. First about my last post. A certain someone sent me an email in which they said, "Sometimes He sheilds me from harm and that comes in or with hurt..." Wow. That made my day. I know this is true, too. He has shielded me from some evil stuff, but at the time I just felt "left out" or "ignored" or "wounded." Life and people are so interesting.

Meanwhile, from two posts ago, the writing project never happened. The trip to the pool never happened that day either. I had my pool bag and swim suit and purse already to go and the phone rang. A real estate disaster was about to occur and the person I'm helping was about to be damaged with no where to live and a loss of money! It all had to be handled that very hour as July 4th was a holiday and time was of the essence.

So, the inspiration for a writing project flew away with my business concerns. Hopefully, time will open up and inspiration will flow in again.

To Da Lou,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Unspoken Goodbye

The sun is coming up up. I can see a grey lit sky through the leaves outside my window. My neighbor's porch light is still on. I heard a faint sound at the door and looked out. The newspaper man's car slowly drove past my house. It must be the paper at the door.
So, I didn't sleep well. I'm disturbed and my feelings are hurt. Yesterday I discovered online that a gal I have been helping for over a year to find a house, a gal I helped go into contract, then terminate the contract, showed over 60 houses to (and that's pretty accurate) well she bought a house last month with another agent.
It's not the money that hurts. I know I'm weird like that. It's the fact nothing was said to me at all about it. She basically lied to me the last time I saw her when I gave her earnest money check back. She didn't return my phone calls, and she unsubscribed from my automated mls searches. I assumed she was busy, so I didn't pursue or pester her. It's not my way to harrass people. When they are ready to talk to me, they will. y

Doing a little real estate search there her name was having closed on a house not even a mile from my home. The odd thing is she paid $15,000 more than she insisted she spend on a house. There are some other odd things about which details I won't divulge on the internet. To not tell me that she was using another agent to look at homes is what hurts. I stupidly thought she liked me. I foolishly thought we had a relationship built on trust. I certainly worked overtime to earn that trust. I can understand people feeling uncomfortable when it's time to dump someone, but to just not say anything at all? In fact my mission statement is, "Bringing people together to achieve their life goals in a relationship based on trust and exceptional service." It is about the relationship with me. It isn't the money. I'm sure you're saying "yeah right." But those that know me well, know this is true.

These things happen in the real estate business all the time. I've only had it happen to me once before in 5 years. That guy at least called me and told me what he did. He later called me and said his pride had gotten the best of him and now he was afraid he had hurt the relationship. Loyalty is not something that is heralded in our culture. We all love our dogs because of their undying loyalty. But loyalty is actually frowned upon in our culture. "I don't owe you anything. I only owe myself what's best for me" That is the attitude. I've also heard, "It's not about loyalty it's about business." However, I know from personal experience (and a famous economics model) that loyalty is a good business practice for both parties.

These things happen all the time in the business. I know that. So, I can't let it get me down and discourage me from helping other people 100%. That's how I feel right now. Like why bother? If someone calls me today about real estate, based on how I feel right now, I might take an I don't give a poop attitude toward that person's questions and needs. I offer 100% loyalty to those who will give me the opportunity to serve them. I ask for nothing in return. I need to keep that good attitude! That's just the way this business works. Some people can't handle it. They can't handle working, spending hard-earned money, and giving up their family time and themselves for free and not knowing if they'll get rewarded for their service, investment, and time in return. Hundreds of people get their real estate license and wthin 6 months they are finished with the whole crazy mess.

I hang in there becaue of the people. If you can't help someone, then what good are you?

Had to get that off my chest. Outside my window I can see the whole yard now, and it's lighter and lighter.
I'll sleep again someday. Just had to unload this disappointment.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Writing Project Coming On?

It's a glorious morning in Ohio. Bluest of skies. 65 degrees. No wind. I wish you were here.
I haven't read any fiction in so long. Reading other people's blogs has me wanting to read a book and the opportunity is here with this temporary slow down in housing. Any reading suggestions? I'm thinking of reading Heidi again. I don't know why I love the book Heidi. I just do. I want to have a bed made out of hay in the loft of a little wooden cottage on top of an Alpine mountain, with pet goats and frequent visits from Peter the Goat herder.

I'm going to my mom's pool this afternoon with my sis-in-law. I'll start my book selection there.

Then, I think I'll start on a writing project. I'm afraid to start one, because I've started many writing projects and have only finished maybe a couple short stories. Never a novel. I really feel the excitement over this reading and writing project. I'm not going to make any goals like I did with 40 days of swimming which died on Day 4. And my calorie counting goal, it died on Day 4 too (though I'm back at it!).

I'm just going to read today, and write a little. I write best with pen and college spiral notebook, so I'm gonna buy one of those at CVS on my way to the pool. How exciting!

First, I have to call all my Sellers and give them updates on what I'm doing to try and sell their house. Hopefully, get some price-reductions in the computer and then change my newspaper ads. (please, pray these gorgeous homes sell. All of my listings are stunning) I have a new lead and a listing appointment to prepare for. After some realtoring, I have to and I mean HAVE to spray the lawn with chemicals to kill a zillion kabillion little trees that are growing in my yard. Then, off to CVS and the swimming pool. (oh, yea, there was lady I met at the pool last week who owns severl pieces of real estate and wants it all sold. I need to take some real estate info with me just in case--always selling...)

To Da Lou!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Runs Swiftly

A quick update. I deleted a couple blog posts because I'm following some bloogers who are local and I'm a local real estate agent. In case someone local clicks on my following profile, I have to hide my real self from the public and for public relations reasons only let this other public self appear on the internet. Ugh. Managing my "selves" can be tedious. I really can't just blog a public self, a professional self.. it's hard to hide my real life, my mystical, skeptical, often times downer self... So...I deleted stuff. Then I became afraid to blog. How do you blog anonymously? Anybody know? Perhaps I can have professional public blog and an anonysmous "telling on myself" blog...
So let's see:
Becca came to town for a week. We saw Toy Story 3. We tried to shop unsuccessfully. We took the Saturn to get fixed and repaired by two different mechanics. (Saturn tried to RIP ME OFF! Like $3000! the good ole boys in Hilliard said I only needed $200 worth of repairs! Go good ole boys! Praise the Lord.)
We toured the new Student Union at The Ohio State University. And, we went to the top of The OSU library. I have great kids who put up with my interests! We had sushi at Haiku and we discovered a neat little wine bar in short north. Then John arrived for only two days. I grilled steaks, had pasta salad, and green beens, made a summer drink out of ginger ale and sherbet. We went to the G-ma's condo community's pool party. They had catered foods, free frozen mint martinis, and a great dj. The dj was fantastic. It was sunny and hot, and the party was fun. O had two martinis and they were just perfect in the hot sun. It was old people and the other side of the community is young so it was good mix of old and young. There was seriously more old people though! The few 20 somethings in the pool I sort of felt sorry for them. But they said they LOVE the community and floorplans... I'm always realtoring...

OK, so then we watched the soccer game. Sort of fun-but USA lost so, you was only sort of fun. Then we saw the Tom Cruise movie, Knight and Day. I super loved it. I want to see it again. Since it was Movie Tavern we ate dinner during the movie. Oh, we sat in broken chairs so John made the manager gives up free food and drinks! The movie goot bad reviews in the papers, but so what. I loved it! Tom Cruise was great. Maybe he took acting lessons? Then we had a fire in the back yard and looked at the moon through the telescope.

Sunday we worshipped at my very favorite TV preacher's church. I am sooooo glad we did. I needed to be around people who have Faith and really don't care what you think about their Faith, but they do care about you deeply. They just aren't going to apologize for believing God is super, supernatural. I love the hyperness there.

Then I did an open house...... (Becca and John successfully shopped)

Then we toured The OSU student union with John and Olin and Sam (and the library top floor) again. The new union is sweet (but I miss the old). It felt like OSU is a legitimate school with the new union. (but I still miss the old one)

Then they drove into the sunrise Monday morning.... and that's that.

Big deal is this: I bought a brand new Hyundai Sante Fe. I like it....

To Da Lou

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Birthday, Father's Day & Home Repairs

It's now 4 am . yesterday was father's day. It was ok. I gave Mr. Seriously Though a drill thing that also screws and he seemed happy with it. Becca arrived from FL at 2:00 am. Sam took over Becca's room and for some reason that seemed to make everyone feel disjoined (except Sam of course) My birthday was ok. what I wanted was to work on my landscaping since all I do is work RE (seriously) so that's what I did, I worked on my landscaping and it looks pretty good I must say. I was exhausted when it was done and the shower floor was literally black with dirt afterward. Yes, that job made me happy. Then mexicans came and fixed my siding on my house. We didn't go to church and that is still making me sad. I wish I'd a gone
Tomorrow some white guys come to do foundation repair on my basement and some soil work on the side of the house. I can't wait for them to get here actually. I hope the repair turns out the way want it to.

I have a listing on tour in the morning, but RE has been absolutely dead. I have friends going on listing appointments, but hello, we don't need Sellers, we need buyers! The open house I had where 80 people came? Not one of the units sold as a result. Those condos are priced below 1997 prices! Noone is getting showings, and I mean no one. So, I have more time for housework projects. It's good thing I was so busy the first four months, so I have a little cushion. But if I have another 30 days without any in contracts I have to go find gainful employment. I have no choice. Ohio has 11 percent unemployment. I usually look at it as 90 percent employed, but no in contracts in the pipeline freaks me out a bit.

To Da Lou,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Decorating Torture

I found this article while searching for some tips on decorating a coffee table. It describes exactly what I have been going through for the past 1 1/2 hours this morning! When I have business to attend to. When I have out of town guests to feed. When I need to exercise.

Why am I trying to decorate a coffee table? I had Olin take an old coffee table out of a spare bedroom and asked him to take it to the basement to hide. I hadn't had the courage to donate this table or put it out by the street for someone to grab. It's a Pennsylvania House Queen Anne style coffee table. Since it's solid cherry and not the fake stuff, I had a hard time parting with it. But it's ugly. When I came in the front door last night after showing houses, surprise! There was the coffee table in the living room in front of the contempary, Italian, chocolate brown settee. They don't really go together. Yet somehow it kinda looked OK. The coffee table had been hidden in the spare bedroom for about four years.

Emerging in the living room made me think. Distracted me from business. Distracted me from the 2 mile walk I need to get in this morning and the 10 mintue Total Gym workout. Distracted me from the grocery list. Here's the article, and I love it. It's exactly how I feel. Right now my coffe table looks like a total dork with a book about Ohio lying in it's side, and a ceramic cardinal bird and cermaic Loraine, OH lighthouse sitting on top of it. (Get the theme?) However, it looks like I did that. That's why designer's charge $350 an hour!

In addition to the Dallas paper article, here's a blog post about coffee tables from one of my fav decorating bloggers:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Realtor Care Day

Here is a small group of us agents, title reps, property inspectors, and lenders who showed up to paint picnic tables to beautify the city's park.
Here's Jeff, a Re/Max agent, and Judy, a fellow Real Living. Both of these guys are very successful and I'm proud to be associated with them.

Here's our Prez on the left, ReMax, and then a loan officer, and then a Coldwell Banker agent, Kathy. Kathy just listed over 7 million dollars of lake front real estate. Go Kathy.
Then after we were finished with all 7 shelter houses, we realized all the paint had washed off every single table due to sideways blowing rain. As we went around and saw our hard work in puddles on the cement ground in every shelter, I said, "This is just like the Real Estate business. You work your ass off for free, and then all your work melts into an ugly puddle and you stuck mopping up the mess." Everyone agreed with me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Had an I Heart Huccabees Moment

I had a coincidence this evening. Three of them.

First I pulled into the golf course parking lot and noticed this SUV with a huge yellow kayak on top. I said, "neato, those people know what heaven is like. First you go kayaking and then you go golfing."

Later in the evening around 9:30 I pulled into the gym parking lot. How weird is that? There's that same SUV with the kayak parked in the gym parking lot!

Then, about 15 minutes ago as I was driving home past the carryout and stopped at the red light, there was that same SUV with the Kayak AGAIN right next to me!

That is three coincidences in just three hours time. I wonder what it means.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, Monday

Hello, my followers. All 3 of you! It's glorious outside for Ohio, like a medditerean day. Before I go push mow my quarter acre of the earth I wanted to say 'Hi" and update a little.

Saturday I had an open house for this absolutely adorable little house in my neighborhood. The owners worked so hard and it looks like one million dollars just sitting there ready for someone to take it. Alas, not a single solitary soul showed up in the entire time. I was still dealing a bit with the headache and napped a wee bit I'm ashamed to say. I checked with the showing service and showing requests are more than cut in half from a month ago. poopy.

Then Sunday the three of us went to the church I don't want to name on the internet. Sam didn't complain about it, and I wanted to go to so we did. It was nice to see old faces, and hug a few people. We all left feeling lost. I'd rather be lost and in love, than found by that which is temporal.

Then I went to Worthington for another open house. This condo is for people over 55 years old. I stood in high heals for four hours and greeted over 80 people! Hopefully this place will be sold soon. It deserves a new owner to come and love in it. My feet were killing me when I got home. It was reminiscent of a retail job at Christmas time.

The evening was spent at my mom's condo eating pizza and hanging her art work in her new place.

Today I spent a few hours teaching Sam some of my trade. It was kind of hard, to be honest. My goal is to have him doing the 50 million hours of computer work I do, so I can be doing what brings me money: meeting and talking to people.

Take care, my Darlings. Be thankful for and treasure what you have.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've got another headache and it hurts bad. It doesn't hurt good. BAD.
I could blog a book about this chronic pain that robs my life every month for a week.
I have suffered at the hands of doctors. I don't much like doctors, and I don't much have good luck with them.
I did work today a little. One thing about being a Realtor, I can conduct 80% of my business from my bed wearing an old t-shirt and ugly sweat pants, no make-up and messy hair.

So I've been hanging out in blogger world for a few days when Im not working. Here is a blog site I found that I like. The writing is fun. I don't know how to do that fancy thing where you write "here" and it's a link.

Blogger world has inspired me to focus on my writing. But I need money, so I have to focus on real estate.

To Da Lou.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had this weird experience Friday. I received a phone call while driving in my car. "Seriously Though, I'm soooooo sorry I didn't call sooner! I have your camera and shoes!" It was another real estate agent from a different broker on the other line. She and I had been at a scholarship fundraiser at the bowling alley. That was the last I saw the camera.

Wow! How awesome. This is a good day for me, I told her. She had picked them up at the alley. Not sure who they belonged to, but she thought they were mine. Then she got the association newsletter, which I write, and I had written that that my camera was missing, etc. Ok. Good. I was really happy. That was answered prayer. I had prayed in the morning on my way to do real estate that my camera would be found! Amen.

SECONDS LATER. I do mean "seconds" after I hang up, my phone rings again. "Hello," I say as I navigate a 5 speed through an intersection, turning the wheel with my elbow, holding the phone with that hand, and shifting with the other. (see why I got pulled over for texting, even though I wasn't texting?) "Hello Mrs Seriously Though, we are sooooooo sorry it has taken us this long to inform you that we have found your missing commission check from September, 2009." Wow! I had completely given up ever getting that check replaced! I had called, I had emailed, and I had called my sales rep twice. Nope. It wasn't gonna happen. The lady with the little Cuban accent tells me further, "we are the accounting department and we noticed today that your check had not been cashed, so we assumed you never received it." Hurray! This is a good day. I am so happy. The lost commission check has been found.

That was weird. It all happened within seconds, and it was the day that Lost Things were Found!
Then immediately following I pulled up to my house, ran inside, to tear the place apart to try and "find" my real estate license. The department of HUD needed it before 4:00 pm, and it was getting close! Yikes. Where is it? Where did I put it? I prayed while I opened filing cabinets, and started to dig into cardboard boxes. An a m a z i n g memory filled my mind and I stood up. "My broker has my license! Of course, that's the law!" I call my manager and "yes," she has my license in her desk drawer. My lost license is found! I arrived at the department of HUD at 10 minutes to 4:00 pm! I was having a good day.

Then, I was invited to a party to celebrate a family event with a important friend in my life. I was touched. It has been a long time since I had a personal invite to a family thing of hers. Time had gotten between us. Something like 19 years. We hugged. I brought photos from 30 and 20 years ago of our weddings, and babies, and other stuff we had done together. I visited with her brother over vanilla cake with chocolate icing, and it felt like high school and college days again. Nothing really different. How is that? I was having a good day.

That was a full day of my Lost Things Found.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wisdom or Unbelief?

This quote from Bill Johnson totally explains me:

quote: In the church "unbelief" is called "wisdom"

This is my situation: I haven't found a place in church because it's hard to have unbelief coughed all over my Faith. I guess I found it easier to withdraw from church in order to hold onto my Faith. However, this isn't a Biblical response, as Jesus said that the church is HIS body. Somehow mysteriously when you are with a group of believers there HE IS among us. Not just is HE among us, WE are HIM.

It is a mystery. Yet I have experienced the mystery. It is wonderful. The presence of Jesus is the sweetest sweetest precense I know. I have basked in His affection in a quiet and lonely place. I have been Still and Known God in a corportate place full of worshippers. Each are glorious moments. The corportate experience is a different experience of HIM from the quiet, lonely experience. Then there is the friend to friend experience, and the small church community experience. These are sweet, nurturing experiences, too. Where the Spirit of God flows freely between, building tight bonds that can't be broken.

When believers stop living from their heads, and start walking in Faith crazy things can happen. It's hard to say exactly what will happen, but something is likely to happen! Because the church fears man and what man thinks they are afraid to allow Faith in. So many are afraid to let the Lion of Judah out of his cage. What will a wild Lion do in our tidy little sanctuary? We may be devoured. Oh, yes, to be pounced upon by a giant, wild lion. Whoa is me! I'm a dead man! Yet, that is when we truly start living!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Becca Graduates April 30, 2010

We journeyed to Florida on horseback. Just kidding. That's us riding off into the sunset on Amelia Island.

This is us after we picked up Rachael from the airport. We went to Sliders on Ferdinand Beach. I recommend it. Picnic tables outside. Buckets of stuff, like shrimp, oysters, and beer.

This was after the horseback riding on Amelia Island. We were in a little town, but I can't remember it's name. It was shrimpfest. It was fun.

This is us right before we went into the Arena for the ceremony. Becca could spot us in the stands and we did a great job embarrassing her!

This is the three siblings. Note: Osprey in the background.

And here she is. The reason for the trip. A college graduate!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Lost Camera

I have lost my camera. I have lost my bowling shoes, too. I left the bowling alley and I think I had them when I left. Then that police officer screamed at me and I got all flustered. Now I can't find my camera and I need it for work. Also, all the photos I took in Florida at the graduation are still in that camera. I probably won't bowl for another year or two or three. But, still, I want my bowling shoes! I am very sad. I have to spend money on a camera now instead of on some really cute shoes and a good haircut. Frowney face. Poor me. Have you ever lost anything that you wish you still had, but you can replace? Not like a lost love or pet, those can't be replaced.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I came back Florida and I felt physically run down. I didn't feel sick or anything, just incredibly tired. I should never have gone to the Real Living HER awards party, but I did. The band was hot and played lots of 70's motown and it would have been a blast dancing if I didn't feel so tired. I was dancing with a bunch of 40-60 year old women agents when some big guys from back stage came up to us. They looked important and they had ear communicators on. Where are you from? Come with us please, this will be fun we promise! They whisked down a dark hall back stage and all the ladies asked, "where are they taking us?" And I answered, "I'm pretty sure they're taking us to the Girls Gone Wild bus!"

Instead, they took us on stage and had us sing R E S P E C T and honestly, I didn't know the words to it. It was a little weird and embarrassing.

The next night I had to do a bowling fundraiser with the Hilliard Area agents. It would have been fun, but I was so doggone tired. Bowling is a fun sport. What other athletic endeavor can you sit around and eat pizza, potatoe chips, beer, and laugh at your friends? You can't do that playing basketball or running a marathon. Yes, bowling is the sport for me. I got pulled over by a police officer for "texting" even though I wasn't texting. He demanded to see my phone and started screaming at me and telling me I was liar. That was really strange.

Meanwhile, I listed a cute house in my neighborhood on Monday, got into contract last week on two homes. This week and next week will be property inspections, and working out all the repairs needed on the two houses.

The main goal of this week is to carve out time to reconnect with five past clients.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been in this mood where I want to call everyone, "Darling" in such a way that makes the ordinary life task sound so mysterious and important.
"Hello Darling. Can you pick up that candy wrapper on the floor, Darling."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dancin con't

Here is an interesting update from my last post.
I got off the stoop without a real direction as to where to go to church. So, by default Sam said let's go to Presbyterian church (which meant no jeans). So we got gussied up and hopped in the SUV. Just as we did I got a call from a friend. In a breathless voice she said, "You need to go to Vineyard in Grove City to church and hurry it starts in 15 minutes. I am 98% sure God just told me to call you and tell you this."
Well, I doubted God told her this. I don't want to put anyone down but I'm not a fan of Grove City. We'd been to that Vineyard a few times and it, you know, it was OK. Sam said what do you have to lose if we go there? Both churches are pretty much boring. So zoomed onto the freeway at the very last second.
A thought came to me. Didn't I ask God where to go to church just 30 minutes ago on my back stoop? Maybe He did tell my friend to call me, since I'm a snob and had written off Grove City. I opened my mind.
It was God. It was really God. It was totally God.
Sam told me it was THE best sermon he has ever heard. It's stuff I figured out on my Faith journey and in fact, it is the stuff that prompted me to fall off the ride in the first place.
The whole sermon can be summed up in this: LOVE is the answer to everything