Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Can A Man's Friends Tell You Something About the Man?

Then there is John Holdren, Obama’s science adviser. Holdren has advocated forced abortions as a population control method. He opined that government has the prerogative and social duty to enforce a two-baby limit. In that context, he said that “neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution mentions a right to reproduce.”

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Day.
Last night we drove to the State Auto Nativity display, because I've been doing that for over 20 years. I love that display for some reason. We were there after 11:00 pm and they placed baby Jesu in the manger. Angels. Shepherds. Magi. A young married couple traveling while massively pregnant. That is something young people do. Crazy stuff. Like travel in the nine month of pregnancy.
I love Joseph. He's my kind of man.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

I've been thinking about his a lot. Do you know anyone who says, "I remember my Grandma with such loving thoughts. She was such a negative, mean person." I do have folks tell me they remember their grandma or grandpa who was negative and bitter, but it isn't with the adjective "loving." Or, "fondly."
We hear folks say, "I rememer so and so... loved that guy... he always had a great attitude even in tough times."
I've been thinking about it, because I do think melancholy people get a bad rap in some ways. My dad was a melancholy and he had to work, work, work at his positive attitude. That is his legacy to me. I'm a thinker, a daydreamer, a wisher, the grass is always greener, type person. My dad taught me that the Girl Scouts are right! On my honor, I will try, to do be... CHEERFUL.
The power of Cheer. There is sincere and amazing power in Cheerfulness. Is this the attitude of Christ that we are admonished to carry?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Creepy Real Estate

It was a Saturday afternoon and I met Mr. Smith at a house listed at $475,000.00 The auditor had it's value at $1.3 million. It had sold three years prior for $1.6 million.

The house is pretty. Maybe you could say gorgeous. I suppose it's a nice house. I walked through it with the 18 foot high ceilings (or were they 22 ft hight?) and the pillars and all the creamy white carpet and tiling and mouldings, and granite, and marble, and opulent lighting,,, fireplaces in the master bedroom. That sort of thing. I roamed around and around the house while Mr. Smith carefully inspected every corner and line.

Yuck. I decided. It's lonely here. A big wind of lonliness swept over me while I was in the house. I roamed from huge room to huge room listening to my high heels echoing. Two different groups of buyers showed up while we were there. I made them wait outside the door. I locked the door. I wouldn't let them in. I let Mr. Smith have the massiveness to himself so he could feel the place. I did open the door to the other agents and asked them what time their appointment was--they both were early, so I said sorry, you guys have to wait, we're here on our time. Lock.

Mr. Smith had many questions. Why was it sold for $1.6 million and now it's $475,000? Why is the auditor's value $1.3 million? These types of questions. I told him something is fishy to me, and I'd research and get back to him. Once home I pulled up all the data and (spooky voice) it was obviously a fraud house. I called the Listing Agent. yep, it's a fraud house and the bank owns it now. I went from one piece of evidence to the next and followed the fraud trail. After reading several articles about the fraud case and even reading part of the trial agruments online I felt yucky. Yuck. Why would people do this. ??? Why are they so wicked???

When I was walking aroudn the gorgeous house I said to the Lord, "Better is one day in your house than a 1,000 elsewhere." And I meant it. That was before I knew the circumstances involving the house. The lonliness of sin permeated every room, even though it was all dressed up and fancy.