Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Gone, Hello Santa

Here is a picture of Becca, Samuel, and Samuel has his "arm around" John Barnes and Rachael. I don't know why G-ma Stevens has a framed photo of John Barnes, Becca, and Rachael, but none of Kevin?????

Thanksgiving weekend closes this evening. The Steelers play Baltimore tonight and then Thanksgiving is over. It's such a great idea to have a holiday that brings together the people you grew up with and love, one time a year to gather together to say "Thanks" to God. Like the first white settler community in the Americas, we gather together to wipe our brow and say, "shwew," we survived!

I didn't see my sister or brother this Thanksgiving, and that was the first time in a few years. Jeff is in Paraguay with Jeffy and Justin. Sara went home to Iowa to be with her folks. Lucky for us Kaylin came home and Denise, Mom, Becca, Samuel, Olin, and I had a huge meal together. Olin was the only man and that felt weird to me. We still held hands around the kitchen and I prayed the Blessing. I made green been casserole and brought the rolls. I spent a couple hours the night before making the dough and getting it ready to rise as I was determined to make something complicated for the holiday. It was to sit in the fridge overnight and rise double its size. Thanksgiving morning I awakened and opened the fridge to find the dough the same size it was the night before. "Why didn't my dough rise?" I exclaimed. Olin pulled the empty yeast pack from the trash and read the expiration date: "best if used by June, 2004." So, I guess the yeast had died sometime within the past six years!

A quick run to Kroger was made and a roll purchase was made.

Becca arrived at Grandma's and of course it was fabulous to see Becca again and her chatty happy self and Samuel was happy to see her too. Kaylin and Becca and Samuel decorated Grandma's little Christmas Tree. After we pigged out Olin moved about 10 chairs and a bunch of heavy, heavy stuff to the basement to get Grandma's house ready for her first showing, which was set for Saturday morning. Samuel, Becca and I watched a chick flick Thursday night, all bundled up in blankets-we chuckled and made funny comments, and coveted their house in Alaska!

Friday late morning the four of us drove up to Elyria for another Thanksgiving meal. I took green bean casserole and sweet potatoe casserole. We had Grandmas wonderful mashed potatoes and gravy. And, oh, forgot to add there was snow, snow, snow all over the place on Friday. Thank GOD! It got me in a cheery mood. After we ate and cleaned up the dishes and visited an hour, we drove to a nearby winery. I bought a case of wine to give out to clients for gifts this Holiday season. Becca, Olin, and I got six testers and we tasted six types of wine while Samuel watched us. The winery is in an old, old barn, with a stone fireplace and liked the atmosophere with snow falling outside and a fire blazing. I was a little buzzed when I made my case purchase, and now with a logical mind I'm disappointed I bought the Niagra and Catawba, because NO ONE likes those types of wines. I had this stupid idea that I was giving local grown fruit wines to my clients, and thought it was a quaint idea. Yeah, it was quaint, like dumb. I honestly don't know anyone who likes these wines. I should have settled on the imported grape wines, which taste better.

Saturday was a work day for me. Grandma took Becca out to breakfast and I met my first set of buyers at her house. I walked in and "wa-la" her house looked amazing. She had cleaned and cleaned and tucked everything out of sight so all you saw was the cool,, clean lines of the house showing off the fireplace in the center and all the windows around.

I showed about four HIlliard homes and then headed to Muirfield to show million dollar homes.

Upon my arrival home, I kicked up my feet and had some coffee, and then went downtown with Becca, Samuel and Olin and had some dinner in the evening. Everyone, including Samuel crashed around 11 pm.

Sunday everyone slept in and no one went to church. I actually had a severe nervous breakdown over church issues and stayed in the car and sobbed for a couple hours. I miss my church, but it's not my church anymore, so I just need to accept it, grieve, and move on. Imiss my dad, too, who I could always talk to about Jesus and, well, it wasn't fun realizing I don't have a Pastor or a dad. boo hoo. I'm crying again. I have to settle on Rod Parsley being my Pastor and he doesn't even know who I am.

I grabbed a tree at the Boy Scout lot, bought a bunch of food at Giant Eagle, and Olin put the tree up while I grilled steaks and prepared some more food. Becca introduced us to Michelob Ultra and the fresh beer tasted yummy with char-grilled steaks, potatoe pergolis, and steamed green beans.
Becca single-handedly decorated our tree while Samuel and Olin and I bemoaned the Browns game. They are idiots. Brady Quinn can't throw. The Browns suck. Period.

Then it was time for Becca to go and I was sad again. . . There is always the Steelers who make me happy because they are such a good team and so well organized. They inspire me to be better organized and more motivated. Take Care. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA it's so funny because Kevin looked at this picture without reading this and said..."why aren't I in that picture?" It cracks me up, does Grandma know that's John and not Kevin? oh golly
    I enjoyed reading this, I missed you guys on Thanksgiving, Christmas will be harder.