Saturday, November 7, 2009


I went to Movie Tavern last night at 10:00 pm to see "Couples Retreat." Olin came too. Movie Tavern is the best place to see movies I think. I love having a wait-server! We had a couple of Irish brews and I laughed out loud. Olin wasn't impressed. Got home late for us forty-somethings.

Ok this is a big deal: Monday will be the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall!
20 years? 20 years! Yes it seems like yesterday. I am losing track of time more and more. I'm a little afraid I'll have alzheimer's disease since it runs in my mom's family. :( I feel like I'm losing hours and days of my life, or ... as the Bible says, I'm just like the grass and flowers: flourishing today, burned up and gone tomorrow. :(

I'm worried about Samuel going to Guatamala. Was I being stupid and foolish to allow my 15 year old son to go to a third world country with a group of college-aged people? Am a being foolish? We are seeking counsel from some friends who were missionaries in Guatamala and such and praying about it. It would be different if he was 18.

Today is Olin's Birthday. He's 49. I didn't bake a cake or cook dinner or do anything. That time thing where time is getting away from me happened

Here's what's happened in real estate in the past day: I am in contract on $435,000 house to close in December. I am in contract on $153,000 to close in a couple weeks. I received a verbal approval on a short sale and we should close on $167,000 house in December. The seller of a $87,000 house can't get clear title so we aren't going to be closing soon, yet. Need to pray about that one. I had two closings on Wednesday: one for $106,900 and one for $183,500. I got a new buyer who is also a seller on Friday, too. We go house hunting on Wednesday. For non-Realtors here's the thing about being in contract. It isn't easy. Being in contract just means I have HOOPS and JUMPS and DANGER to get through-I don't think people could understand unless they have done this job----So just cuz I'm in contract with a closing date doesn't mean I will get it closed. Or we might get it closed but will it be done smoothly--As smoothly as possible as these times demand.

Seems like there is more in real estate but I can't remember.... alzheimer's?

Buckeyes are on tv. ok. go Bucks.

I was asked to be Secretary of the Hilliard Area Realty Association and I said yes. In a way it was stupid of me to say yes. In a way I'm a little honored I was asked.

I wish I had a pony!

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  1. wow mom that's so many houses!!!

    I think God will protect Samuel in Guatemala.

    I think it's awesome you and Dad went saw a movie so late last night

    Haven't seen that one yet!

    Love the movie tavern though, I've only gone when we all went to see Benjamin Button.

    I miss you guys today.